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Do you like to go rock climbing? While enjoying the fresh mountain air, a campsite offers you this kind of activity. Surrounded by greenery and mountains, the terrain is suitable for such practice. Indeed, you will find mountainsides that you can easily climb. There are, however, more or less complex circuits reserved for the initiated. For those who have never climbed before, you will be well supervised if you want to introduce climbing into your activities. An instructor will accompany all campers to avoid accidents. In addition, each climber must have protective equipment: a helmet, rope, harness, gloves, and shoes.

A Well-Marked Climb

The campsite offers its campers the via Ferrata. This activity is reserved for athletes, that is to say, for those who regularly practice climbing, whether outdoors or indoors, and for amateurs. Despite his aptitude, each climber must have safety equipment such as the harness, the via ferrata lanyard, the cow, and rain gear.The via ferrata consists in progressing on a rock face equipped with specific elements to facilitate the displacement: cable, ladder, ramp, etc. This activity combines hiking and climbing. Before starting a circuit, don’t forget to read the explanations or the indications concerning the possible obstacles or the behaviour of the route.

Other Interesting Activities

For children, the center has several facilities. In addition to climbing, the center also offers its clients other exciting activities. You can go mountain biking, paragliding, or rafting. Horses and ponies are also available for campers to discover the surrounding nature. The river and the lake await you if you are a fishing enthusiast.



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