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Month: December 2022


Top 10 Best Hiking Spots Across Asia

The Asian continent is an adventure traveller’s paradise—boasting boundless trekking, hiking, and climbing pursuits. The dramatic topographic range, diversity of flora and fauna, and rich cultural and traditional heritage engender unrivalled experiences. From the famed Himalayas to Mount Fuji and…

Which Countries Are Not Worth Visiting?

Which Countries Are Not Worth Visiting?

Before I list the countries I think should be avoided, let me just say that I think every country is worth visiting, because every country is different, and visiting them means a chance to experience something unique that can’t be…

Pueblos Magicos: The 6 Magical Villages in Mexico

It began as a government-sponsored promotion to promote Mexico’s rich and diverse cultural heritage to lesser-known areas of the country by calling Mexican villages “Pueblos Magicos. Without this program, most tourists would miss out on these places, which would be…