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Weird-But-Real Ice Cream Flavors (Part 2)

Chocolate, vanilla, lemon, mint… These ice cream flavours are usually the ones that are typically ordered when you want to have something cool and beat the heat. In general, they like the traditional, although some want to discover new flavours that surprise them from time to time. So, if you are tired of the usual, you may want to dare to try one of these rare ice cream flavours on this list. They will surely not leave you indifferent.



Indeed, it does not sound very appetizing. This complete meal in ice cream format was a commercial strategy of the British company Aunt Bessie’s, giving a twist to one of the most typical mixed dishes on the islands. The British climate is not very conducive to enjoying ice cream all year round, so they thought of providing people with ‘the pleasure of eating in a cone’ by serving their mash, peas, sausage, and gravy combo as if it were ice cream… I am afraid that the appearance does not invite you to taste it. 



I try to imagine the contrasts of sweet and salty flavour or the games that certain ingredients well combined in ice cream could give, but the flavours of fish and shellfish do not seem very appetizing to me to eat in a cone or tub. There are varieties worldwide, starting in Asia and especially in the Japanese market. Salmon has also become popular and in Spain, anchovies in vinegar, or squid in its ink. A priori, they seem to me to be somewhat more elaborate versions of fish purees, definitely not to be enjoyed in a cone or as a dessert.



How to turn a dish as characteristic as empanada into ice cream? It would be better to ask, why? The good Galician empanada is an authentic delicacy of our gastronomy, with its perfect couple of dough and filling, and I do not see the need to crush it all and mix it with dairy ingredients.

I am sure that its creators have managed to reproduce the empanada’s flavour faithfully, but in my humble opinion, losing that combination of the rich dough with the juicy ingredients of the filling is to lose the essence of the empanada. I can’t even think of applications for haute cuisine dishes.



The flashy and totally artificial colours of these flavours should already make us doubt their nutritional quality. First of all, what does gum taste like? It depends on its variety, but they’re really are a globally established bubble gum flavour, a product of mixtures of various aromas. Chewing gum itself is not an ingredient, much less the Smurf. For some reason, coloured sweets and sweets such as that impossible blue or pink, loaded with sugar, have also spread to ice creams, and they are sugary bombs that best stay away from.



The ultimate combination for pizza and ice cream lovers! Products advertised as “pizza flavoured” give me a bad feeling, but pizza ice cream is literal. Tomato paste, basil, garlic, tomato concentrate, and oregano are added to the classic cream base, thus obtaining a creamy ice cream with … Italian flavours? The invention is the work of Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia, where they used to create peculiar tastes each season, such as popcorn ice cream or pumpkin curry. As much as I love pizza, the memory of a movie in which they made pizza shake by crushing several slices with milk comes to mind, and it is not very appetizing to me.


Let us know which flavor you found the weirdest! And if you’re craving some ice cream, you can try making your own by buying the finest ingredients at Food Specialties in Mississauga! Don’t forget to check out the first part of this blog for more strange ice-cream flavours!




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