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Weird-But-Real Ice Cream Flavors (Part 1)

I think there is no doubt that summer and ice cream make a perfect couple. Producers, brands, and artisans know it, and that is why they face the season with novelties to attract customers every year. Lately, it seems that anything goes, but there are some more than questionable proposals, like these unique flavors of ice cream, that you would not believe their existence. Gone is the time when ice cream flavors could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Taste is in variety, but some ice cream parlors go overboard by offering an endless list of options. Thus we have arrived at very different ice cream flavors, some original and curious, others daring and revolutionary, and some totally unnecessary.



I have a friend who is a true fan of Iberian ham but rejects any dish or product that incorporates it as an ingredient – except for a good sandwich. He thinks that a gastronomic delight like the good Iberico is enjoyed much more by itself. Obviously, the Iberian ham ice cream seems an aberration to him. I do not doubt that it can be a gastronomic find, and it probably has more applications in haute cuisine, but the idea does not wildly convince me of ​​turning a product like ham into creamy ice cream. The salty contrast to the milky base may be interesting, but is it worth “wasting” it like this?



Coffee Soft Serve with Coffee Caviar | Tastemade

Frenchman Philippe Faur is a master of high-quality ice cream. Still, perhaps he has gained worldwide fame for his innovative products – and is that after truffle, foie, or Roquefort ice cream, his latest incredible creation has been the caviar sorbet. However, for me, it is more of ice cream since it incorporates cream in its ingredients. It is prepared with 60% sturgeon caviar, being, therefore, a luxury product available to few. I cannot comment on whether caviar is really an exquisite delicacy, but I do have doubts that it is worth processing to turn it into ice cream, regardless of the number of uses it may have in haute cuisine.



One of the universal dishes in American gastronomy is apparently also one of the most popular “gastronomic” ice cream flavors. If the great chefs have versioned the omelet in a thousand ways, starting with deconstruction, why not take it to the frozen format? Well, because if I fancy a little potato omelet, that’s what I hope to find. There are many debates about how the perfect omelet should be – more or less curd, drier or wetter, etc. – but personally, what I crave is a creamy and cold omelet with a milky texture.



Garlic, a product that sometimes goes unnoticed but is so fundamental in many recipes, can it be an ice cream flavor by itself? Today it is no longer surprising, but perhaps it attracted more attention when festivals began to be held in his honor, such as the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. I personally seek to refresh my palate and stomach when I have ice cream, so the final aftertaste does not convince me that a garlic one has to leave behind. There are very subtle ones, but the “real” garlic ice cream has a strong flavor. Combining garlic with cream or milk does not seem like a great idea, digestively speaking. Maybe with black garlic, it would change.



Guinness Float | perfect St. Patty's Day treat!

Most brewers may leave a more expert opinion on this subject, but I have tried some beer ice cream, and the truth is, I do not see much sense. A good beer is thoroughly enjoyed in its natural liquid state, with its foam, gas, and appropriate temperature. It may not convince me for the same reason that I do not like things with a “cola” flavor. The pure taste of beer, which is also lost when processed, has little interest in ice cream. It’s not bad, but you could gain more if beer were just another ingredient reinforcing other flavors and not turned into the ice cream itself.


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