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Top 5 Cheap Tropical Vacations You Should Consider.

Do you have some vacation time coming up, but don’t have a destination in mind? Here are my suggestions for five incredible destinations to consider even if you are on a budget….


Belize, Cay Caulker, Ambergris, Central America, Island
Belize, Central America.

You may ask why Belize is on the list, as it is an expensive destination but we have gathered an inexpensive guide to Belize for you. If you love eco-tourism, adventures, nature, rivers, you will love Belize…

Where to stay? There are numerous cheap hotels, hostels or cabins available depending on where you are planning to stay. We inserted a list so that you can choose your favourite place to stay.

Cheap hotels: Rainbow Hotel in Caye Caulker, Miramar Apartments in Placencia and Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio.

You won’t get bored in Belize as there are a plethora of cheap activities available in the country. The Belize Zoo has an entry fee of $ 15, and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary for $ 5, or the Lamanai, which costs $ 5.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Land'S End, Los Cabos, Mexico, Ocean, Cabo, Lucas, San
Los Cabos, Mexico.

Even though Cabo San Lucas is known for its flashy all-inclusive resorts and glamorous events, there are many ways to enjoy it on a shoestring budget. Cabo vacations don’t necessarily have to be expensive, thanks to a plethora of free attractions and local vendors selling excellent street cuisine around every corner.

There are lot of all-inclusive luxury resorts surrounding the coastline in Cabo San Lucas, but if you’re on a budget, I would recommend you to stay in a less costly (but still fantastic) area like the town center. Hotels around the town center are less expensive yet provide close access to Cabo’s beaches, allowing you to escape the high costs associated with staying on the main beach.

There are a lot of sea-related activities such as sunset cruises, whale watching or snorkelling. For people who are less interested in sea-related activities, there is hiking, art walks or even the Estuary, a wildlife sanctuary.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

I love Montego Bay freestanding signage
Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a gorgeous city full of so much to do and see. Accommodations are abundant here, so you will most likely want to stay there.

No matter what type of activity you are into, Montego Bay has something for everyone. If you are staying in Montego Bay, a romantic trip on a hand-crafted bamboo raft is a must. If you are a fan of fauna, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is a stunning location where you may observe, photograph, and even hand-feed exotic birds.

Phuket, Thailand

aerial photography of body of water
Phuket, Thailand.

While Phuket is undeniably one of Thailand’s more expensive locations, you can have a wonderful time there while being on a budget. Look for street vendors and tiny local restaurants to save money. You will not only save money, but you will get to try real Thai cuisine that the people adore.

Transportation costs may rapidly add up due to the relatively large distances between the key sites of interest. While travelling by songthaew (local buses) is incredibly inexpensive, it is neither fast nor convenient. I would suggest you rent a motorbike for $5 per day, it is one of the best alternatives and another advantage is that it will allow you to stop if you see something you might want to visit on the way.

There are different activities available that are highly recommended – snorkelling and visits to the Big Buddha and associated temples and shrines.

Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, Beach, Island, Bay, Lagoon, Sea, Greece
Zakynthos, Greece.

If you are travelling in a group, either friend, family or a mix of both, it will be very convenient and economical to opt for an Airbnb. Greece is a country where you can enjoy cheap but great accommodation.

There is a wide variety of activities you can participate in even if you are on a budget. The island of Zakynthos, one of Greece’s top tourist destinations, offers a mix of lush olive groves, historical sites, museums, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches and world-class diving.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is Navagio Beach, which is probably the most photographed site. A natural harbour protects this beautiful stretch of white sand and incredibly blue water, and the terrifying 200 meter high cliffs on three sides are very popular with tourists.

Let us know in the comments which one of these destinations you are considering visiting…



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