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Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Costa Dorada

In the south of Catalonia, the Mediterranean Sea fills the province of Tarragona with magic. In this paradise, known as the Costa Dorada, you will find the most beautiful cities, extraordinary beaches and coves, as well as towns with an exceptional atmosphere. It is cultural experiences, enchanting landscapes and a lot of fun that accompany all those who want to visit.

Definitely, the destination has a lot to offer… Can you imagine spending a season in this paradise, whether in apartments, houses or villas on the Costa Dorada? We are convinced that you will not regret choosing this destination. But, so that you don’t miss out on its best treasures, we explain in this article how to make the most of it, with recommendations on vacation rentals, the best days to go, essential places to visit, among others.

Let’s get to know the Costa Dorada!

Look for Comfortable Accommodation, Close to the Tourist Areas and Easily Accessible

Although in the Costa Dorada you will find many accommodation options, the growth of vacation rentals in front of the hotel coast is increasingly important. For this reason, think about renting or leasing apartments is one of the most economical and comfortable options for all tourists.

Now you can rent in all areas of the Costa Dorada, but, without a doubt, we recommend you to know the best apartments in Miami Paltja. It is a tourist landmark, with the most tranquil beaches. The best thing is that you will be able to enjoy them to the fullest, as they are not the ones that remain the most crowded.

Always Consider the Climate of the Area

Yes, any weather can offer amazing experiences. Even so, it’s important that you keep in mind the type of weather you’ll be facing.

On the Costa Dorada, you’ll find warm temperatures throughout the summer. But towards the end of the year, the temperatures moderate. However, in summer the weather can be quite strong, so we recommend that you visit the area on the last days of the season. In this way, you will travel quietly and very comfortably, without losing the delicious heat.

Mobility is Essential

Another thing to consider when visiting the Costa Dorada is to decide how you will visit it. You have to take into account that in many cases public transport can be almost non-existent. For this reason, it is always best to consider using a car, motorcycle or even a camper.

In addition, by using one of these means of transportation, you will have the opportunity to plan the routes that best suit you and use your time as you wish.

Essential Sites to Visit

To make the most of your trip to the Costa Dorada, there are some places you absolutely cannot miss. For example, you can’t miss the Calas de L’Ametlla de Mar, located 40 minutes from the city of Tarragona. You will discover three really spectacular virgin coves.

On the other hand, it is essential that you visit the city of Tarragona. This city is a world heritage site. You will have the opportunity to discover one of the largest archaeological sites in Roman Hispania. In addition, Tarragona is a city with a great artistic heritage.

Another point of reference to visit in Tarragona is Port Aventura. It is one of the main theme parks and one of the best in Spain.

The Costa Dorada is Synonymous with Comfort: Here Is How Your Outfits Should Be

As you already know, when you travel to the Costa Dorada, you will visit many beaches and you will have to travel long distances. That’s why one of the great recommendations to enjoy this place is to use comfortable clothes.

On a trip as wonderful as the one you are going to make, nothing should bother you. For this reason, it is not superfluous to wear good pairs of tennis shoes, comfortable pants and shirts. In this way, walking along the beaches and strolling through the streets of the cities will be the best experiences and, later, the best memories.

Do you have any other recommendations that you would like to share with us? Do you have another idea of where to visit? Remember that to make the most of a trip, the first thing that should accompany you is optimism, tranquility and joy. With these three companions, no trip can go wrong, and even less so if it is accompanied by the Mediterranean. Before you leave, don’t hesitate to leave us your opinions and comments. We look forward to reading from you!


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