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More and more individuals are attracted by the sea, fresh air, and boats during summer vacations. In recent years, the number of sales and rentals of luxury vessels, such as yachts, has increased significantly. What more could you want than to cruise for several days on this dream boat? However, it is not enough to choose the first ship you are offered. Your choice should be based on the length of your stay at sea and the distance you plan to travel. If you plan to travel from one country to another, opt for A-class yachts. These models are the largest but also the most durable. They can withstand winds of up to force 8 and waves of up to 8 meters high. Boats belonging to the B, C, and D categories are less efficient than those of the A-class. So, before signing a yacht charter contract, ask yourself: what am I going to do with it?

A Bareboat or Crewed Charter?

In most cases, you cannot charter a yacht without a crew. The principle is the same as for car rental. The driver accompanies you during the whole rental period. Thus, if the boat breaks down, the crew members will take care of it. Yachting professionals strongly recommend this option for a dream vacation without worrying about the engine or the equipment of the vessel.

Do You Have Experience in Yachting?

If so, you can opt for a bareboat charter. However, you will be held entirely responsible for the proper operation of the boat. One of the main advantages of this choice is that the number of people who can board the boat will increase since the entire crew is not present.



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