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Are you planning a camping trip for your next family vacation? There are many things to consider, including accommodation. Why not choose a tent to sleep under the stars? Find out more about this below.

What a tent is made of


A tent has a roof to protect you from wind and sun as well as rain. Some models have a single roof, while others may have a double roof. A tent also includes a chamber, a ventilation system, and an apse. An apse is a space on the side or front of the tent for storing hiking bags or food. It protects your belongings from moisture.

A tent also has poles, pegs, and guy wires. It should also come with a storage bag for easy transport. You can also use it to store other things.

The capacity of the camping tent

The tent is available in several versions depending on the number of campers. There are classic models that can accommodate 2 to 3 people. For large families, some models can accommodate up to 12 people. For a small family of 4, choose a family tent.

Also, consider the ceiling height. You need to be able to stand upright. Also, consider a model that can accommodate an air mattress. Also, don’t forget to consider the shape: slanted or vertical walls?

The different types of camping tents

The camping tent is available in several models. Here are the most common ones.

The Canadian tent


This is a model that is often found among scouts and soldiers. It can accommodate about 10 people. You can even install beds on top of it. This will keep small crawling insects away from you.

The tunnel tent

Compared to other models, this one is more wind resistant and has ample interior space. The tunnel tent is non-self-supporting. It is perfect if you do not regularly move during your vacations.

The dome tent

The dome tent is one of the self-supporting models. That’s why it’s easy to set up. The small disadvantage of this type of tent is its low wind resistance. It is also not suitable for camping in the mountains.

The tipi tent


The tipi tent is ideal if you use a wood stove during your vacation. Besides, you can stand up very well inside. It is a pyramid-shaped tent.

The choice of camping tent can also depend on the season you are going on vacation. If you are camping in the summer or spring, choose the 2 season tent. It is easy to install. However, in case of heavy storms, be careful of water infiltration.

For those who plan to go in autumn, spring or summer, opt for the 3-season tent. It is very resistant to high winds and storms. If you prefer to use an ultra-resistant tent, use the 4-season tent.

The different accessories of the camping tent

To provide maximum comfort, a tent should have a folding table, a stove, a mattress, and a sleeping bag. There are models that are even equipped with pillows.

Final thoughts


Camping is fun, especially if you love nature and are a bit more adventurous than most people. However, it is a grant that camping is not just for anybody, but it can be fun, especially if you are doing this with your loved ones.

If you love the aesthetic of camping but hate mosquitoes and nature in general, you might opt for glamping, which is just camping done in a glamorous area and where you have access to all amenities you wish.

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