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8 Water Activities: An Adrenaline Rush To Your Vacation

The vacations are coming up, and you’re thinking about traveling. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect destination. You may not know it, but the sea and rivers are great playgrounds. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just a fan of the water, there’s always a water activity! Here are a few water sports you can do to add a good adrenaline rush to your vacation.

1. Surfing: riding the waves


This activity requires using a surfboard, on which the practitioner must ride the waves. You can practice it in rivers, artificial wave pools, and the ocean. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, it is all about balance. Know how to adjust your foot position for optimal control and performance.

2. Water skiing: for those who love the thrill of the ride

This is a water sport of gliding. A mono-ski or two skis are needed to glide along the surface of the water. The skier will also use a rope or cable, allowing him to be pulled by a motorboat. This sport is for those who like challenges and risks, as it is particularly dangerous.

3. Wakeboarding: snowboarding on water


Like surfing, wakeboarding is a sliding sport. Derived from snowboarding, it is practiced on a pond, a lake, or in the open sea. The rider is usually pulled by a motorboat and at a very high speed via a cable. Unlike the surfboard, the wakeboard is equipped with fins and weights, allowing you to handle it without difficulty. Whatever your level, the thrill will be there. You can be sure to get your adrenaline flowing during your stay. So if you’re going on vacation, don’t forget to bring your board!

4. Jet-skiing: riding a motorcycle on the water

Also called a sea scooter, the jet ski is for speed lovers. The thrills are guaranteed as you can slide and bounce on the water at your own pace. If you are a beginner, have an experienced instructor accompany you. Being an extreme sport, some conditions and precautions must be considered before practicing it: you must be over 16 years old.

5. Kite surfing: to experience the power of the wind


Kite surfing combines all aspects of surfing, paragliding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, sailing, skateboarding, and windsurfing into one activity. Also called fly surfing, it is an aerotracted board sport (nautical or terrestrial). This activity is practiced on a wakeboard or surfboard. Unlike other board sports, the kitesurfer is not pulled by a motorboat but rather by a kite.

6. Cliff Diving

This extreme sport is not very complicated since no accessories are needed to practice it. On the other hand, diving into a body of water below from dizzying heights (more than 25 m for professional athletes). In any case, it will be an opportunity to experience the great thrill of the ultimate jump.

7. Rowing


Rowing is an Olympic water sport. It is practiced with a boat equipped with oars. There are two types of rowing: river rowing and sea rowing. Rowing is an activity that can be done individually or in teams. The principle is to row in unison to reach a given point. Each participant holds two oars to move the boat forward. The technique consists of having your back in the direction the boat is moving and rowing as much as possible.

8. Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is a sensational water sport. It is an activity similar to surfing. The only difference is that the board used for bodyboarding is shorter and more flexible than surfing. This water sport favors contact with the waves. Indeed, it consists in lying down on the board while being carried by the waves.

The lying down position gives the impression of being close to the water and moving forward at a surprising speed. The feeling is the same as the one you get when sledding or skiing. It is difficult to do without as soon as you master the techniques.

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