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Everything You Need To Know About The Viennoiserie

After the famous “chocolatine or pain chocolat” debate, here is a new topic that evokes the same feeling: “Viennese pastry or pastry”!

Both daughters of the famous mother bakery, it has been difficult for bread lovers to tell the difference for several generations.

Without further ado, let’s explore the explosion of flavor that each of them offers us in these few lines.

Salty or Sweet?

“Taste buds”, are two little words that seem insignificant to us but which turn out to be the most significant pillar of modern gastronomy. Since mankind has been able to differentiate between tastes, the succession of dishes is all the rage in our kitchens. From sugar to salt, the choice is great for the lovers of bread rolls.

Indeed, each person has their own preferences for their plate: while some see a jam-filled doughnut melt in their mouths, others opt for a delicious meat pie with sautéed vegetables.

A very nice (and delicious) duel involving our two big blocks, one of which serves us recipes in the sweetness and the other which opts for somewhat spicy flavors.

With or Without Flour?

When we say bakery, generally, it is the bread that dominates, and as we all know, the latter is composed of water, yeast, salt, and especially flour.

So why dwell on this element? Indeed, modern cooking allows us to bake without flour. It offers us its new range of products to demonstrate this: fruit clafoutis, chocolate cakes, vegetable cakes, etc.

For its part, the viennoiserie remains on its old principle for the creation of its appetizers: chocolate bread, brioche, croissant, doughnuts, etc., all delivered with extra gluten!

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In the Finesse or a Little More on the Fat?

And yes, currently, many people remain stuck in front of their trays to think about the number of calories that could be found in their orders. The fact is that today’s food must be healthy.

As we are in the midst of a new culinary era, many products contain more fat than others, and to our regret, these same products can be found in the ingredients of our finest bakeries.

However, they are still low-calorie products! Did you know that a sandwich is already categorized as a pastry? Two thin slices of bread, with a little greenery inside and a hearty dish in the middle. A real treat for a healthy diet!

With or Without Cold Cuts?

Here at last, is the decisive battle between our two godchildren: one who suggests a palette of confectionery in your flour rolls and the other who offers a special ingredient hidden in her recipes!

Have you ever heard of the patisserie charcutière? This famous dish made of dough and followed by a piece of meat is destined to open your stomach just with its smell, it rivals the finest entremets of the pastry.

Pâté en croûte, bouchée à la reine, puff pastry and quiche as a hot starter? Bavarois, sponge cake, charlotte, or even macaroon for dessert? The choice is yours! Whether you are more into sweet treats or prefer savory ones, you can enjoy as many.

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