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Top 7 Coffee Shops To Visit In Australia

I have to start my day with a cup of iced coffee, whether it’s brewed at home or purchased at a local coffee shop; I live on coffee. As a recent college graduate, I was penniless most of the time, and coffee was my way of fueling up. I lived on coffee, energy drinks, and ramen noodles in college, which shows you where my priorities are.

I travel for a living now, and I make it my priority to visit all the coffee shops when I am in a foreign city or country. I’ve been to Australia at least 10 times now, most of it for work, and because of this, I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops down under. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the best coffee places in Australia.



According to the Australian Traders Association, more than one billion cups of coffee and snacks are consumed and enjoyed in cafes, restaurants, and other small centers and outlets. An increase of 65% over the past 10 years has been recorded dramatically, making the food industry a growth sector in Australia.

1. Operator 25

Operator 25 is a place that offers exceptional food, drinks, and very friendly service. It serves good lunches and brunches on a moderately to highly-priced menu. This place is ideal for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, so it is a good choice if you are visiting a group of people with different food preferences.

2. Gumption


Looking for a cup of coffee in the heart of the city? Gumption has just what you need. Located in the city’s charming Strand Arcade, Gumption takes a back-to-basics approach to serve coffee. The cafes are one size fits all; there’s no menu, no high-tech machines, and no mannerisms: just quality coffee served with a smile. Useful information: cold brew coffee is the best way to cool down in hot weather.

3. Table 55

What better way to start your day than with delicious flat white coffee and a smile? Table 55 is a pizza restaurant in Seaford inviting everyone to enjoy great pizza, their delicious and freshly brewed coffee, and other delectable dishes.

Browse through their menu to see which other delicacies are waiting for you. They also offer reliable and quick pizza takeaway services, so place your order with them now and pick up your piping hot pizza from our restaurant. If you have to taste something there, though, it is their coffee; it is the place to be as a coffee lover.

4. Campos Coffee


The aroma of single-origin coffee hangs over the Missenden Road location, where a trio of well-trained employees seems to work in harmony with a jazz soundtrack. They claim to make 200 cups an hour and watch them work, and we’re willing to believe it. This tiny, prized location is the heart from which the Campos Coffee empire has grown, and few places are more efficient at serving coffee.

5. Paramount Coffee Project

Let’s be honest: this airy space is so appealing that we’d probably stop in any way, even if the coffee were only passable. Lucky for us, at Paramount Coffee Project, they know their beans. The coffee features a rotating selection of roasters from around the world, changing every four to six weeks. As a result, it’s a great place to start the day with a coffee and avocado toast.

6. The Grounds Of Alexandria


One of Sydney’s favorite foodie playgrounds, The Grounds of Alexandria offers 1,800 square meters of gourmet delights, from a café and bakery to a vegetable garden. However, at its heart is a passion for coffee, including an on-site roaster and even a coffee research center. If you can’t find a seat at Alexandria’s, take it out at its downtown location. 

7. Barefoot Coffee Traders

Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax over a cup of coffee. Sometimes, though, you just need some quality caffeine. That’s what Barefoot Coffee Traders in Manly does best. Don’t ask for decaf: they don’t serve it. Just enjoy your single-origin coffee, stroll down to the beach and ask yourself, can life get any better than this?

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about coffee.




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