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Gastronomy: Another Way To Discover The World

Proving to be an art as old as the world, cooking is present in every country on the planet. While it is an integral part of daily human life, the art of cooking can vary considerably from one region to another and is likely to be closely linked to the culture and religion of the people. What if it was a good idea to discover the world through gastronomy? This article will tell you about it.

Tour the world in front of your plate


Cooking offers you the possibility to discover the world and its different flavors. Traveling through your plate is both tasty and exciting. It may seem a little difficult or complex, but it just takes a warm atmosphere and goodwill to make it happen.

In cookbooks or on the Internet, you will find a large number of recipes to choose from desserts, appetizers, main courses, etc. It is necessary that the realization of this one includes products to which you are accustomed. All you have to do is choose an easy recipe to start with.

As you go along, you will discover new products, and you will have the opportunity to test things you are not familiar with. Subsequently, you will be able to go further in your learning of the world’s recipes. From America, Asia, Europe, or Africa, you will undoubtedly take pleasure in testing other recipes that will give you new sensations.

In practice, you can resolve to eat dishes from different regions over a week or a month if you give yourself the means. Those who are visiting Agen as part of a sightseeing tour will easily find a gourmet restaurant where they can satisfy their hunger.

Some ideas for a trip around the culinary arts

Gastronomic tourism allows you to combine the pleasures of the table and travel. Here is a selection that will make you savor dishes from all over the world.

1. India


India is, for the spice lovers, an exceptional culinary journey. Indeed, Indian cuisine has the reputation for marrying spices in a rather subtle way. This makes it one of the most adored gastronomies in the world. Tasting Indian cuisine is to discover an explosive, colorful and expressive cuisine. Salty, sweet, bitter…, the tastes follow each other to delight your taste buds.

In India, vegetarianism is a common food practice. Cheese naans, lentil dahl, biryani, tandoori chicken, vegetable curry…, many are the Indian dishes you can enjoy. Indian cuisine is also influenced by the religion and history of the country.

2. Vietnam

Banh mi, pho or bo bun…, these are very famous Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese gastronomy is the result of a great cultural mix. It differs according to its region and conforms to a certain number of rules. The street food spots offer a wide selection everywhere in the Vietnamese territory, with quite colorful dishes.

3. Peru


Thousands of people around the world adore Peruvian cuisine. The gastronomy of Peru highlights a great variety of local fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. It subtly mixes pre-Columbian cuisine with external influences. Ceviche and Pisco Sour are particularly popular.

4. Morocco

Morocco offers unbelievable culinary experiences. This Maghreb country provides dishes that are overflowing with generosity. Moroccan gastronomy is, first and foremost, a family affair. It is based on know-how that requires respect for traditions and patience. Most of the time, the recipes are transmitted from generation to generation and from mother to daughter.

The most appreciated specialties of Moroccan cuisine are mint tea, couscous, and tagines. A Moroccan culinary trip will also be the occasion to discover the fruit juices, the salads as well as the numerous salads that are eaten in the country.

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