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Mesmerizing Castles That Everyone Should Visit in Scotland (Part Two)

Castles have an undeniable fascination and are often the setting for romantic, epic and fantastic stories. These imposing buildings can be found all over the world and are true tourist attractions. However, it is in Europe that some of the most historic, charming and dazzling ones can be found.

Dozens of stories have been inspired by these castles, and just by looking at them, you can see why. Scotland, for example, is home to some astounding castles and that’s what we’re going to find out about in this article today. And if you missed the first part of the blog about the mesmerizing castles that everyone should visit in Scotland, you can find it here.

Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle is located in southeast Scotland – in an inspiring location near Glencaple, Dumfries & Galloway – and dates back to the 13th century. It was built in the shape of a triangle, with imposing sandstone walls and towers at each corner.

The castle’s turbulent history is due to its proximity to England. Brutal cross-border conflicts took place there and the tower was besieged (and captured) on several occasions.

Caerlaverock’s triangular shape is unique among British castles, while the moat and green spaces allow it to be considered one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. In fact, the area surrounding the castle is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Eilean Donan Castle

Built in the 18th century, Eilean Donan Castle is probably one of the most stunning castles in Scotland, and therefore one of the most photographed.

Actually, it is inconceivable to travel in the Scottish Highlands without visiting Eilean Donan. It is located at the junction of the Long, Duich and Alsh lochs and in the middle of a picturesque natural landscape.

Clans have played an important role in Scottish history and Eilean Donan served as a refuge for the MacKenzie and MacRae clans until it was partially destroyed during the Jacobite uprising around 1719. In the 20th century, it was rebuilt and opened to the public in 1932.

This Scottish castle has also been made famous by films such as Highlander and James Bond – The World Is Not Enough. To get to Eilean Donan Castle, you only need to cross one bridge.

Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven is another one of the most impressive castles in Scotland because of its awesome location, which is sublime, dramatic and bold. It is built on top of a cliff overlooking the northeast coast of the country and exposed to the erosive elements such as the sea and wind. It is also where, for many months, a group of loyalists defended the Scottish crown jewels against the onslaught of others.

Although in ruins, this medieval fortress is associated with Scottish history and personalities such as William Wallace and Charles II, before he became king. To get to Dunnottar Castle, you’ll have to do some walking, but I assure you it’s worth every step you take. The castle always opens at 10am, but closes at different times of the year. Check the official website before your visit for specific information. It is closed on Christmas Day and the day after, as well as on January 1 and 2. The castle may close without notice due to high winds or storms.

Glamis Castle

Glamis is without doubt also among the most beautiful castles in Scotland. It is located in the region of Angus and is famous for its relationship with Macbeth, the work of William Shakespeare.

The legend places in this fabulous palace the assassination of King Duncan by Macbeth, in the part known as Duncan Hall’s. In addition, the castle is known throughout the country to have been the residence of Queen Consort Elizabeth, mother of the current Queen of England.

You now have your list of castles worth visiting in Scotland. Which castle have you visited before? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


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