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Belleville Valley: The Ideal Destination for Summer Holidays

Would you like to celebrate summer in the mountains? Then, think of the beautiful Belleville Valley in the French Alps! Why not enjoy the fresh air, meadows filled with colorful flowers, and high snow-covered peaks?

The famous and hidden valleys of Val Thorens are excellent for all sorts of nature activities. From flower-filled meadows at 1,200 meters and snow-capped peaks at 3,200 meters to the lakes of Les Menuires and authentic mountain villages, there are plenty of different activities to indulge in while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. You will quickly reach a state of “zen” as you enjoy the vast mountains and glaciers, the peace and tranquility, flora and fauna, and the many local specialties.

Relaxing in the Belleville Valley

Mountains are an exceptionally healthy environment. Being active in nature aids in decreasing stress. Besides, it’s an excellent motivation for outdoor exercise and vacationing in the mountains can also help you unwind.

The Hidden Valleys

As the name of the area implies, the Trois Vallées area is made up of three valleys, that is, Vallee des Bellevilles, Vallee de Meribel, and Vallee de Courchevel. The first, Vallee des Belleville, is a famous ski resort in the Savoie region of France. The valley of Belleville is known as Les Trois Vallées. Initially, this area was only known for its winter sports, but did you know that the Belleville valley is also home to many fun and exciting outdoor activities in the summer? You can enjoy the unspoiled nature and open air. In addition, you’ll also be blessed with the tranquility and wonderful environment of this region. Here, nature is the basis for relaxation.

In Vallée des Belleville, you can park your car upon arrival and leave it there for the entire vacation. Then go on foot, by bicycle, or electric mountain bike. Take advantage of the ski lifts or the free shuttle bus connecting Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, and Vallée Solan. That’s why discovering Vallée is so easy.

Vallee De Meribel
Vallee De Meribel

Impressive Mountain Ranges in the Valley D’Encombres

The Belleville Valley is characterized by numerous mountain meadows, cozy little villages, alpine huts, and farms. The Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, located at 1450 meters above sea level and the foot of the Encombres Valley, is one of those cozy little villages. It also has an old-fashioned village center which is unique in the Belleville Valley. Traditional farmhouses have been converted into comfortable chalets, and many of the wood-beamed stables have been converted into restaurants. Walking through the narrow alleys, you can experience what life used to be like.

Magnificent Views of the Encombres Valley

Walk along the Torrent des Encombres River through a beautiful nature reserve. You will pass through small mountain villages, typical mountain huts and meadows, and encounter herds of grazing cattle. At higher altitudes, you can appreciate nature and the hidden gems of the valley.

Conquering the Mountains of Les Menuires by Mountain Bike

Les Menuires is located at an altitude of about 1,850 meters, making it an ideal base for various activities, meaning there’s something for everyone. This includes mountain biking, walking, using the ski lifts, etc. As a result, young and old can discover a lot and enjoy a great outdoor holiday.

Along with a guide, you can find the most beautiful part of the mountains around Les Menuires. You may encounter a few cloud issues, but this would not disrupt the fun. It is wise to always have several layers of clothing with you. That way, you can protect yourself from wind and rain.

Gourmet Food

In Les Menuires, don’t forget to take the ski lift up to Rock Seven, a Mountain Restaurant located at an altitude of 2,300 meters and is easily accessible by ski lift. You can imagine a cozy Italian restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere. The colors of the interior are very similar to the surrounding nature and mountain forest. In other words, “Italian,” “hospitality,” and “festive” are the three keywords of this new restaurant, and you won’t regret it!


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