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5 Cities in Europe That Are Left Unexplored

Everyone loves a European trip, either solo or with their family. If you are planning the same thing then it’s a good choice. If you are planning to look away from cities like Paris, London, Venice, and Rome, then it’s best. So here are five European cities that are still waiting to be explored by tourists.

  • Lagoa&Silves, Portugal – One of the best-kept secret, this city has two municipalities alongside each other and provide the perfect mix of history, culture, cuisine, those sunny all year round beaches. Silves was once the capital of the Arab kingdom here in the Algarve. The well-preserved red castle perching above the colorful streets and squares are not be missed. Surrounded by green hills and orange trees, Silves town is known for its impressive local market, an ancient mosque that is now converted to a church which boasts Gothic and Baroque features and plenty of traditional coffee shops lining its small cobbled streets. In the past 30 years, Lagoa has become one of the most respected wine regions in Portugal. This postcard-perfect village is still a local fishing village. Walk on the clifftop boardwalk, spend your days at the beaches and explore the famous Benagail caves. It is true that these two destinations are the perfect mix of culture and relaxation!
  • Piran, Slovenia – Sometimes called the Venice of Slovenia, Piran is considered as one of the best spots in Europe. Exposed to the enviable position on the Adriatic coast. This city is a mix of red rooftops and white houses. As part of the small Slovenian coastline, the beaches are popular. This city has a great history and sun loungers. Explore a totally different feel when traveling through the countryside as you will be welcomed by vineyards, olive groves, and an old-world vibe.
  • Furore, Italy – A place that is not yet overloaded with tourists is Furore in Italy. Located on the Amalfi Coast, this city was named by the bus driver who was sick of the winds along the coast. Furore is formed almost inversely to Amalfi or Positano, by a fjord. Furore is quiet and the houses are sparsely dotted around the cliff face. Instead of the traditional swimming, go trekking, free climbing, or mountain biking.
  • Ramsko Jezero, Bosnia&Herzegovina – Mostly considered as underrated, Bosnia&Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. If you are in for a road trip, then this city is best to be explored like this. This lake is part of the Prozor region and it is the perfect place to re-connect with nature. Explore the Monastery at Scit in the middle of the lake. The views are just breath-taking. So don’t wait up too much, just book your tickets to this haven!
  • Bergen, Norway – One place where you can travel solo without any worry! Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and it is a must to visit as the real magic lies in the untouched nature outside of the city. Go on hiking trips and day trips by boat to the Fjords if you really want to explore this piece of gem.

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