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Beautiful Summer Destination You’ve Never Heard Of

The best season is finally here, the season to get onto your best swimsuit, that season is summer! Back are the long warm evenings, the longer daytime, and the sunny days. Well, summer is the time we get to travel the world and discover new places that are on our bucketlist. Here is a list of beautiful summer destination that maybe you’ve never heard of! So the time to tick some places off the list is here finally.

Prince’s Islands, Turkey – Do you want to roam around the city in a horse-drawn carriage? Then Prince’s Islands is the place to go. Go back in the medieval times and experience the silence of this marvelous island. As all motorized vehicles are banned, this island is an oasis of peace and quietness. Along with the sound of horse hoofs, there are many features that make the Prince’s Islands unique and that’s the narrow streets that adorned with untouched pine-forest or wooden Victorian cottages. You can go there by boat. There are different ferries operated by the IDO and the locals. Ferries are easily accessible transport but also slow, so be patient. Be an early bird, if you want it on time as you will have to beat the crowd of local!

South Korea – Famous for all adventurous travelers’ delights, this amazing country has marvelous national parks, mountains, and islands. If you want to feel more urban then visit Seoul and try the Korean BBQ and soju! If you are more a fan of the coast, the Busan is the place to go. For a beach day out, visit Jeju Island where you will be pampered with outdoor spas and spine-tingling lava tube tours. Do visit the UNESCO world heritage site, Changdeokgung Palace is a 15th-century royal villa. Expertly designed to accommodate the uneven terrain at the foot of the mountain peak, this villa is the most well-preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces. This villa has the most beautiful garden and the best time to visit it is during the fall season. This place represents the beauty of Korea.

Batumi, Georgia – Known as the “Little Las Vegas of the Black Sea”, this place is yet to be discovered by tourists. If you are an architecture lover or just a traveler, then this place is going to be your haven. Enjoy extremely modern architecture that is unseen anywhere else, relax on the beautiful coast of the Black Sea while gulping on the superb Georgian cuisine. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, everything is quite affordable there. For nightlife, you can go clubbing or visit a restaurant and tease your palate. The accommodation is super cheap be it with or without a sea view. At night, every building and palm trees are illuminated, also don’t miss the moving monument of love where two statues literally come closer to each other and go through themselves in order to get separated and get close again. This place needs to be discovered soon!

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia – Unlike its bigger and famous neighbor, Greece, Macedonia receives lesser foreign tourist than expected. Bad, yes but also good, why? Well, Lake Ohrid is the perfect summer destination and you don’t want the beach to be hoarded with a ton of people, that’s why it’s good that few people know it! Lake Ohrid has beautiful beaches that are both wild and filled with hotels, warm and clear waters where you can take a dip any time of the day. Take a tour around and be mesmerized by the spectacular Ottoman architecture and rich history. Be ready to invest your money in really amazing food at really amazing prices.

Surin Islands, Thailand – Not as famous as Phuket, Surin Islands is yet to be discovered! Located in the Mu Koh Surin National Park, this place is excellent for diving, snorkeling, hiking, and game fishing. If you want to find refuge from noisy tourists and urban centers, then you are welcomed to visit this beautiful island. You can either choose to stay in lodges, bungalows, and tents that may be booked through the Royal Thai Forest Department. Enjoy this island to its core by taking advantage of all services such as live-aboard boats or go scuba diving.

Cape Verde – Slowly getting on the tourist map, this place has cheap flights from many European cities. The islands of Sal and Boa Vista are the main attraction because of the lazy beach holiday and the never-ending long strands of white sand. If you are an adventurous type, then visit the volcanic and green ‘beach’ islands Fogo and Brava, you will be mind-blown. Brava has its own microclimate that offers beautiful town scenery, cliffs, and natural pools made of volcanic rock. This tiny African country is the perfect place to experience authentic African culture or local life. The capital of the island, Espargos and Palmeria, this place is less touristy but the accommodation is really cheap. There isn’t much to see around but the graffiti buildings are to be visited. Don’t forget to buy the locally made crafts in other islands but be aware of souvenir stalls owners who will try to entice you into buying cheap souvenirs at expensive rates.

So which country is on your list? Let me know in the comment section!



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