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15 Underrated Beaches Around The World

Have you been to all beaches around the world? Did you ever see the most beautiful beach in the world? Did you know there are many beaches that are waiting to be explored? So here is a list of my top 10 underrated beaches from around the world!

  • Pelion, Greece – As one of the last unspoiled areas of Greece, this place has an abundance of fruit trees, dense forests, and water bubbling up from fountains! Loaded with ancient legends and the lush of greenery provide a mesmerizing view of dark blue waters making it the perfect place for touring and relaxing. Why go there? Explore the caves and have a taste of the Greek cuisine while taking a good sunbath!
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka – The capital city of Sri Lanka, this city has more to offer than industrial aspect. Be ready to be mesmerized by the golden beaches and turquoise waters! Colombo is the ideal place if you want to retreat all by yourself! Pack your diving suit for an amazing underwater exploration.
  • Bayahibe, Dominican Republic – One of the best places for scuba diving, Bayahibe offers a local charm with more secluded beaches. Be ready to enjoy some Dominican sun while sipping on some fresh coconut water!
  • Patara, Turkey – Popularly known as Turkey’s longest sandy beach, this place is peaceful and has an idyllic blend of ancient architecture! This beautiful coastline is dedicated to the traditional village life that hides the beauty of nature and architecture in its purest form. Rest assured, you are not going to fall short of basic amenities when you are near the beach!
  • Viz Islands, Croatia – Experience the taste of traditional Croatia by visiting Viz Islands. Far from the mainland, this island stuck-in-time is an ideal place where you can relax without the worries of the outside world! Enjoy the rich gastronomy, relish on wines from wineries and explore the golden sandy beaches. Enhance your visit around many musical evenings, festivals, and concerts happening during summer.
  • The Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria – A destination to look forward to for touring and relaxation, the Black Sea Coast is known for its exotic beaches and plenty of developed low key resorts. Dive into the beautiful seas then try jet skiing and go on an expedition to explore secluded beaches that remain unknown to the public. You can also wander around the Strandzha Wild Nature Park for some peaceful time with Mother Nature.
  • Tarkarli Beach, India – Located on the Maharashtra-Goa border around 6km from Malavan, this beach is known for its crystal clear water. The water is so clear that the sea bed is visible up to 20 feet. This beach is also called ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. From scuba diving to snorkeling, you are sure to enjoy all the water sports there. Take that break from your corporate life and make Tarkarli beach the next holiday destination.
  • Maravanthe Beach, India – Situated in Karnataka about 40 km from Udupi, this beach attracts tourist more as it runs parallel with Surparnika River. Spend your day from building sandcastles to sunbathing, this beach is yet to be discovered by many! Have that long night walk with your soulmate and be mesmerized by the reflection of the street lights in the water that makes the sea look marvelous!
  • Krabi, Thailand – Be awed by the scenic beaches and thousand years of human history, Krabi Town is the ideal place to have your next getaway! This coastal Thai province offers everything from leisure to food. Visit the hot springs and temples hidden in the jungle while exploring the natural beauty of this beautiful place.
  • The Sunshine Coast, Australia – Want to be alone with your soulmate or are you looking for action and adventure location, then the Sunshine Coast is the ideal place for it! Spend quality time with your friends and family at the amazingly beautiful beach! The Sunshine Coast is also home to Noosa National Park which is one of Australia’s oldest and most visited national -parks. Opt for aqua bikes if you’re a water sports lover.
  • Guéthary, Aquitaine, France – Visit the secret seaside as described by Frank Preston! This place will transform your holiday into one of the best memories ever. See the French Atlantic coast bangs into Spain while standing on the cliffs! This beach is vast and seems to be never-ending.
  • North Coast, Kenya – Popular for bush and beach breaks, North Coast in Kenya, this beach is known because of its variety of peaceful azure beaches and spectacular game reserves. As one of the best beaches in Kenya, you can enjoy the African wildlife after having a swim!
  • Oslo, Norway – Often thought as one of the most loved winter destinations, Norway is exceptionally beautiful in summer! Stare at the spectacular beach destination under the hot summer sun. If you are one of the daring travelers, there is also a nudist beach.
  • Belfast, Ireland – Often ignored because of being too cold, Belfast is ideally amazing during summer! Be mesmerized by the stunning natural formations and green waters that make the beaches look just awesome.
  • Busan, South Korea – A busy city, Busan is known for its beautiful beach in the world! The turquoise ocean is overshadowed by skyscrapers and the majestic mountains. Busan is a must-visit beach for every beach lover!


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