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Why Shanghai Should Be on Your Travel List This Year?

Shanghai, China’s largest city, has been kept hidden for many years. Despite having a population of more than 24 million, this city has more to offer in terms of cultural opening, historical value and architectural treasure. Home to the world’s second-tallest tower, Shanghai is now an open book to most travelers and yet an undisclosed secret to others. In this blog, we are giving you the reasons why Shanghai should feature in your list for this year’s travel!

What to do while there?

There are many reasons why this city is worth a visit and some are listed below!

  • Tianshan Tea City – Tea lovers, this place is your haven! Devoted to tea, this place has more than 100 stalls selling thousands of varieties of leaves. Walk into those shops and you will be enough sitting with a cup of hot steaming tea in hand. This place is ideal for families and tea enthusiasts.
  • A ride on the Maglev – Visit the Maglev Museum to understand the engineering feat and its history. Experience the world’s fastest train in a super-modern Shanghai.
  • Enjoy the exhibits at the Shanghai Museum – Located on the People’s Square near Nanjing Road, this glassy museum has a large collection of rare cultural relics. Don’t worry, some of the relics have an English description. Drop by the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall to see how Shanghai will look in 2020.
  • Have a stroll at the Promenade: The Bund – An area where the European ‘feel’ still exists, and the place is now home to restaurants, boutique stores, galleries, and offices. Embark on the sightseeing tour boat around the port to be mesmerized by the city of lights!
  • Have a night visit at The Oriental Pearl Observation Deck – Located at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, this place is a distinct landmark in the area. The tallest in Asia, it offers a good view of Shanghai.
  • Explore the Yuyuan Garden A famous classical garden in Anren Jie, Shanghai, this place was a private garden of the Pan family in the Ming Dynasty. Also known as the Garden of Happiness, it covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and consists of an outer and an inner garden. Though the best time to visit the Yuyuan Garden is spring, you can also visit in winters. Weekdays are the best to visit as it is less crowded than on weekends.
  • Visit Qibao – Surrounding Shanghai is eight ancient water towns and Qibao is one of them where you can start. Known for its outrageous and delicious street food and its beautiful canal views, this town is best enjoyed during the week.
  • Go to Caojiadu Flower and Bird Market – If you are a flower and bird enthusiast, then this is the perfect place to visit. You will find a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants like potted succulents and fragrant herbs, as well as birds, turtles, fish, and other small animals. This place is a must-see experience.

Well, after a hectic visit through the city of Shanghai, here are some vegetarian-friendly restaurants where you can break the bread while being at ease.

  • Wuguan Tang – Been in business for years, this elegant and serene restaurant serves vegetarian cuisine for years. The food and the décor fit the environment there.
  • Godly Vegetarian Restaurant Shanghai’s most historical vegetarian restaurant, Godly became famous by mixing Buddhist and Huaiyang influences into their cuisines.
  • Fu He Hui – An upscale establishment that elevates vegetables to fine dining status, this restaurant is ideal for vegetarians. The beautifully created dishes are just amazing to look at and no words about the taste!
  • Vegetarian Lifestyle (Jujube Tree) Vegetarian Lifestyle is a good middle ground for people who’ve just become vegetarians. This restaurant specializes in the art of “fake meat” made entirely of tofu or seitan. The foods are manipulated in such creative ways that some of the dishes are incredibly similar to their meat counterparts. Try the spicy numbing bamboo pot or the spinach dumplings.
  • Longhua Temple Vegetarian Restaurant – Famous for its vegan food, this restaurant also sells non-vegetarian food for everyone.
  • Lucky Zen (Jixiang Cao) – A dining spot of some pedigree, featuring a spacious, comfy, and quiet dining atmosphere that tinkles lightly in the background. The food is often based on Buddhist principles and features a lot of vegetables instead of imitation meats. Try the black pepper mushrooms and the sour and spicy cold fern root noodles to awaken your taste buds.
  • Yan Gege – Owned by prominent Hong Kong actor and animal rights activist Lu Songxian, this restaurant does not allow meat anywhere near the premises. The Beijing-style hot pot features a range of fresh tofu, vegetables, and a huge selection of mushrooms.
  • Sproutworks Sproutworks is a great spot where vegetarians and omnivores alike can grab a quick lunch or dinner. Featuring a range of pre-made salads, this place serves lots of kale, radishes, broccoli and more.

Well there’s always McDonald, KFC and other restaurants for a quick bite!

So when is your flight?



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