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7 Underrated Countries That Every Foodie Should Visit Once

Once in your life, you should taste foods that you have never tasted before! That’s what I believe and I abide by this with all my heart and mouth. So this blog today is dedicated to these five countries where the food is often overlooked or totally ignored.

1. Manila, Philippines


Filipino food is becoming famous in its own time. What makes Filipino food exquisitely delicious is the mix of savory and robust flavors! Manila is the city to visit if you want to find every dish that this country has to offer. Every dish is different from one another even if the name and ingredients are the same.

2. Catalunya, Spain

Spain is one country that is rich in culture, heritage and foods. Each region’s dishes are well represented at the national level. Catalunya is one region where the products are unique, the food is delicious and the recipes are authentic. Catalunya has their own unique dishes. If you’re a foodie, this city is a must-visit for you! For people from Catalunya, food is a part of who they are.

3. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The sixth largest city in Brazil, this city is known for its local bar scene. Belo Horizonte has some of the best comfort food that every foodie will surely love. The colorful and vibrant flavors will make you want to taste every dish.

4. Calabar, Nigeria

Filled with rich history, Calabar is a city that has a lot to offer to tourists and locals. Every foodie should know that Nigerian food is heavy, so expecting a hearty meal is not a surprise. For Nigerians, food is a way to open up more about their culture and their community. Do try the Nigerian food for exceptionally different flavors and tastes.

5. Palermo, Italy

This city can hold on its own as to what most people think. With shops filled with fresh handmade pasta, cheese, and wine, Palermo is one city that is overlooked by almost everyone. Every foodie should taste the regional dishes that are to die for!

6. Bergen, Norway

A large city along the coast, Bergen is nestled between mountain and sea. So foodies be ready for some good seafood! Traditional Norwegian food, as well as food from other cultures can be tasted there. Take a food selfie with the best scenic view at Bryggen!

7. Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa is the ideal place if you love Asian inspired Peruvian food! Widely known for the regional dishes, this city relies mostly on traditional food. Taste the spiciness of the Peruvian dishes by taking a trip to La Tradician Arequipa!

I’m heading to Manila, where are you going?



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