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How To Be A Good Couch-Surfing Guest? Part Two

Referring to the last post, I’m back with the remaining content for being a good couch surfing guest! So here it goes!

Share more than just food
Don’t be shy! Share your food and stories to the hosts. Be comfortable with them by sharing the funniest or embarrassing event that happened to you! If you’re more comfortable with food, let it be the icebreaker between you and the host.

Clean after you use something and keep yourself clean
Some hosts would not like that their guests are not hygienic people. Be a sport by cleaning after you have used something or someplace. Do your bed, keep the room where you are staying clean and be sure that all your things are well kept. Respect your host and yourself!


Don’t waste water or electricity
Always remember that you are in someone else’s home and using that they have provided you. So be considerate when using electricity and water! Make it a habit to switch off the plug points when you are not using and instead of showering for 45 minutes reduce it to 20 minutes.

Don’t clutter the room
Don’t let your things all over the room! Be clean and neat at your host’. Let your things be invisible and know when you have to use them. If you’re sleeping on the couch, then putting your luggage next to the couch is ideal as it will save space.

Don’t bring guests unless you have the permission
Don’t end up having a friend or date when you’re couch-surfing! Ask your hosts the permission, then bring that person in. Be mindful of the hosts’ security and yours as well. Don’t put yourself at risk nor your hosts. Remember to always tell them if you’re staying late.


Don’t overstay
Don’t give your hosts the talk that you’re extending your stay! If so, it’s better that you have more than one couch-surfing host. Don’t put your host into the awkward position of having to ask you to leave. Remember that your hosts have a life!

Leave an honest review
Even if the review is bad, don’t hesitate! Give honest reviews as it will help the hosts to do better for other guests. It also helps to separate the unsuitable hosts for future guests. Be sure to write your review as soon as you leave from there.

That’s it, now you know how to be a good guest and host!



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