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5 Suitcases That Will Last Longer Than Your Trip and What You Need to Consider Before Buying Them

According to some bloggers, a suitcase is not just a functional item to carry your clothes in, but a fashion statement! Well, I believe in it and having the latest suitcase model on the market is itself the answer. There are times we choose suitcases that look spacious and easy to carry but we never know the ideal weight until we have filled it with our luggage. So to help you out, here are the five suitcases that will last longer than your trip.

The best suitcase brands for an international trip are –

  • Samsonite
  • American Tourist
  • Delsey
  • Travelpro
  • SwissGear

If you are traveling for an international trip, it is always better to take the most durable suitcase as you will have a lot of transit in order to reach your destination. To help you out, here are a few points you need to consider before buying a suitcase.

  • Durability is a common concern for travelers, especially considering most people travel with laptops, iPads, cameras, and other delicate electronics. Hard shells are appealing as it protects anything fragile. A hard shell case is perfect for any type of weather and provides better protection against general spills and accidents.
  • Size is the second most sought-after factor when buying a suitcase. Don’t go out buying a suitcase that won’t fit everything, after all, you’re not Houdini! Choose a suitcase that will abide by both your rules and that of the airline company. If you are going for a small weekend getaway, then a small suitcase will do the job, if not then there’s always the big suitcase!
  • If you are traveling light or traveling for a longer time, then focusing on lightweight suitcase is the best option. Choose a suitcase that will not end up making you pay for excess luggage at the airport! It is important to know that older suitcases weigh around 5 kg without anything inside, so better focus on the above suitcases that will do the job.
  • Nowadays, most suitcases have wheels in them! Buying good quality suitcases that have four wheels example spinner are easy to use as you can move them in any way you want without forcing your back. Two wheels are best for train platforms and four wheels are best for airports.
  • Most suitcases have a hidden compartment and that the expandability! Hardshell suitcases are the best when it comes to a zipped expandable section.
  • If you are going on a short business trip, then soft shell suitcases are the best options. Softshell suitcases are lighter in weight and can conform to tight spaces. Softshells suitcases are easy to access as there are front pockets that are very convenient in extreme situation.

So go get your suitcase!



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