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Which Bike Routes to Visit the Grand Est?

If you want a wonderful vacation, the best option would be to ride around the Grand Est in France. Indeed, this French area is full of countless splendors you can admire. To explore these places, you have the opportunity to use an automobile to optimize your comfort. However, if you want to contemplate the city’s wonders from closer, you will have to ride on bicycle paths. To do so, this article suggests bike routes you can use to visit the Grand Est.

The Moselle Loop

The Grand Est is one of the regions in France with a significant surface area. So, if you want to explore this territory properly, try to start with the Moselle loop. Known as an 85 km bike path, this route offers many surprises along the way. First, you should know that this trail crosses several medieval alleys and prodigious vegetation. Thus, along your bike ride, you can discover the alley of the Jewish cemetery, for example.

In this symbolic place, you will have the chance to learn more about the history of the site. Your escapade on this trail will also lead you to the Saint-Etienne de Toul cathedral (Meurthe-et-Moselle). Very old, this cathedral hides many secrets that the guides will be able to give you. On the spot, you can also take advantage of praying to the saints to improve your day. Apart from these wonders, you will also have the chance to appreciate the Place Stanislas of the Grand Est while traveling along the Moselle.

The Meuse

If you enjoyed the Moselle Loop itinerary, you will undoubtedly be amazed by the Meuse River trail. In fact, this route has several more fabulous places than the Moselle. First, you should know that the Meuse is a very long trail (443 km). This allows you to enjoy various locations in the Grand Est before completing the route. For example, the Meuse territory will enable you to visit the city of Commercy. Known for its wonderful cakes (madeleines in this case), this city immerses you in French gastronomy.

To do so, take pleasure in savoring the good food of the area before continuing your escapade. Apart from this town, along your journey, you can also explore the route that connects Domrémy-la-Pucelle and Vaucouleurs. Known as an emblematic route, this itinerary offers you the opportunity to relive the history of several heroes or heroines. For example, you should know that this track was dedicated to the famous Joan of Arc. By walking this path, you can remember the exploits of the heroine and pay tribute to her.

The Meuse cycle route in France

The Saar Canal cycle route

When you want to explore the Grand Est, always consider the Saar Canal Bike Route. Like the other trails, this route also has some surprises for you. But you’ll have many more hilarious and unique experiences on this one. For example, along this 80 km route, you will have the privilege of exploring the path of the old canal towpaths. As you travel along this route, you will be able to recall the time when some industrialists used to transport Lorrain coal.

Apart from these elements, you should also know that this trail is a well-developed greenway. Thus, all along your route, you can explore beautiful vegetation. The sight of such flora can give you maximum well-being. During the journey, you can also take landscape pictures to remember those beautiful moments. Along this trail, you can also pass by beautiful rivers. This possibility allows you to refresh your face and enjoy the trip better. So, if you want to enjoy the Grand Est better, consider exploring the Saarland Bikeway.



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