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5 Places to Discover on Vacation in the Grand Est

Of all the regions in France, the Grand Est is among the most prodigious areas. Indeed, this part of France is filled with fabulous places and several fun spaces where you can have fun. Based on these elements, it is essential to privilege the Grand Est as a destination during your vacations. But, to better enjoy your escapades, this region has 5 fabulous places to visit.

The Old Town of Colmar

Still called “Little Venice”, the city of Colmar is one of the most beautiful regions of the Grand Est. This small emblematic city is full of many wonders that will amaze you. First of all, the town offers you its charming little rivers. To relieve your stress, you will have the opportunity to go to the foot of the Lauch River.

The breeze and the color of the water of the rivers are excellent remedies that can invigorate you. Then, the city of Colmar also has a wide range of architecture. For example, the city still preserves its medieval buildings and old half-timberings. This way, you will have the privilege to ask questions about these vestiges to enrich your skills.

The lake of Der-Chantecoq

Located a few kilometers from Paris, this lake occupies a place of merit in the Grand Est. Indeed, it is artificial and was built to limit the damage of the Seine flood on the capital. For tourists, this place represents the ideal place to contemplate nature. In fact, from the banks of the lake, you can admire the castles and other magnificent infrastructures in the vicinity.

Enjoying such a view is normal for you to feel great euphoria. Moreover, this lake is bounded by beautiful flora and fauna quite diversified. Thus, by going to this place, you will be able to find rare animal species and several plant species endowed with innumerable virtues.

The hill of Sion-Vaudémont

During your numerous escapades in the Great East, do not hesitate to explore the hill of Sion-Vaudémont. Recognized as a place of pilgrimage, this hill offers you a quiet space. In these circumstances, you can relax properly, meditate and reflect on the problems that disturb you.

Besides that, you can also go to the top of the hill to maximize your ecstasy. Once on the top, you can admire the beautiful castles, the landscape, and the surrounding water bodies. Making this trip will renew your strength and purify your thoughts effectively.

The zoo of Amnéville

The Grand Est is not only rich in architecture, landscapes, or lakes. Apart from these elements, this French area offers you several lively places like the zoo of Amnéville. Built in 1986, this animal park has many surprises for visitors. So, if you want to enjoy your vacation in the Grand Est, don’t miss going to this zoo.

Indeed, once on the spot, you will discover magnificent species such as orangutans, gorillas, and other prodigious monkeys. In addition, you will have the chance to see and photograph tigers up close. Such experiences can fill you with wonder and joy, whether you’re big or small.

The castle of Haroué

Apart from the playgrounds and lakes, the Grand Est is also an area where you will find great castles. Thus, while traveling through this region, you will have the opportunity to discover the fabulous castle of Haroué. Prodigious and very beautiful, this castle has sublime architecture. From afar, you can easily appreciate its facades, windows, and high tower.

When you contemplate the interior of this building, you will have the chance to see its great salons and court of honor. This little stroll in the castle will allow you to replay the history of this building. So, deciding to visit the castle of Haroué is a good initiative because this gesture will help you renew your knowledge.

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