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Are You Ready for a Weekend Getaway in Oise?

The pressures of everyday life cause many people to disconnect from everything and go to another country for a vacation. If you don’t have the time to take a break like this, you might want to consider dropping everything for two days or an entire weekend. Why not opt for a short stay in Oise? It’s a French department rich in tourist heritages in the Hauts-de-France region.

Weekend Getaway in Oise: The Castle of Chantilly

In the French department of Oise, you don’t need to force yourself to relax. This region has everything you need to get away from it all. So, once in this French territory, what is the first thing to do to ensure a 100% weekend getaway? Simply go to the most famous tourist attraction in the city. It is the Chantilly castle!

In Oise, you can find countless historical monuments, each as impressive as the others. Among these, it must be said that the castle of Chantilly attracts particular attention. Indeed, it is a historical infrastructure classified since 1988. It is a site that experienced a spectacular expansion in the 19th century.

To visit it, you must take an audio guide to find your way better. Inside this unique monument, you will discover magnificent paintings on display (about 550) for the pleasure of your eyes. In addition to the breathtaking galleries, you will also see the castle’s gigantic apartments and spectacular scenery. So get out your cameras to capture some unique images.

It’s important to note that the visit to the castle doesn’t stop at the contents inside. Indeed, your weekend escape continues outside in this mythical place’s private gardens. It’s time to take out your cell phone to capture the statues, the beautiful fountains, and, of course, the water mirrors. Apart from these wonders, continue your escape with the swans and aquatic birds, but also with the kangaroos of the park.

Between all these wonders and the castle’s stables, your weekend getaway will be unforgettable.

Relaxation Stay In Oise: Get Ready for a Unique Experience at Parc Asterix

If you want to get away from it all in Oise, then it is unthinkable that you stay cooped up in a hotel. You must go out and visit the epic places of the region. This will certainly allow you to change your mind and reach your goal: to escape. From this perspective, it is then essential for you to pass by the magnificent Asterix park. It is a complex that gathers most of the mythical characters of the cartoons. It is the third theme park on the French territory. With more than 35 different attractions, your short stay will certainly be punctuated with strong emotions. Whether it’s the shows or the various attractions, you will undoubtedly have one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Le parc Astérix va recruter un millier depersonnes dans les Hauts-de-France  - La Voix du Nord

Weekend in Oise: Taste the Popular Dishes of the Region

In terms of escape, it’s not just about going to the tourist attractions for a thrill. You should also give yourself a little break by tasting the region’s delights. So, depending on your budget, don’t hesitate to browse the city’s restaurants to discover new culinary flavors.

Now that you know what to do once you get there, you’re almost ready for your special weekend. Don’t get overwhelmed, especially since it’s a short getaway. On the other hand, consider keeping comfortable clothes like t-shirts and jeans.



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