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What to Eat: A Must-Have Travel Planning Detail

Traveling while you’re young means having the stamina to push through time changes and jet lag, having a healthy back to sleep on those terrible hostel mattresses, and, most significantly, not having those thirty-something obligations to worry about, such as a mortgage. Before you hit 30, there are many global wonders to see and destinations to explore. 

Take advantage of your twenties’ independence by traveling across the world before your thirties arrive. Planning a trip is not always easy, especially when you have food intolerances. We don’t always know what to expect at our destination. However, we can remain confident throughout the trip by taking precautions during our travel planning.

Preparing for the trip


Even before planning a trip, the choice of destination is not taken lightly. It is important to identify a place that is adapted to our lifestyle and the reality of our diet. For this, it is often advisable to visit various discussion forums related to food intolerances and allergies.

However, to make things easier for us, we should not hesitate to call upon travel agencies that will be able to personalize our vacation according to our needs. These travel specialists can direct us to hotel chains or local restaurants that will take our dietary restrictions into account.

Going through travel specialists can be an extra budget on the trip. Thus, many people prepare for their vacations themselves by their means (internet, telephone, etc.). For food allergies and intolerances, we must inquire in advance with the tourist establishments, hotels, and restaurants, about the possibility of customizing our menu. Nevertheless, it is always wise to bring snacks and meals that are safe for our health, as a plan B, in case some restaurants do not meet our needs.

What about air travel?

It is important to talk to your doctor about your travel plans before you book your flight. This is so that we can obtain the necessary documents that the airline may require. Also, since each airline differs from the other, it is sometimes necessary to ask what the airline’s policies are regarding dietary restrictions.

On top of that, since waiting times at the airport are sometimes unpredictable, we should prioritize a good full meal before leaving home. Indeed, airport restaurants cannot always meet our specific needs. Furthermore, even if our intolerances are already marked in our travel documents, it is always advisable to inform the flight attendant before boarding the plane.

What about travel by car?


As with air travel, it is sometimes necessary for us to pack snacks and meals that we can eat in case there are no safe restaurants or supermarkets on our route. However, we should always bring a cooler for long car trips to keep perishable food safe.

What are the steps to take when traveling outside the country?

It is always recommended that tourists purchase travel insurance, especially if the current health insurance policy cannot cover care outside the country. Also, it is always advisable to locate hospitals in the travel directions and check if health centers are present in each region.

Our tips for a safe trip abroad


It is always important to carry the medication prescribed by the attending physician and a copy of useful information on our state of health, especially for solo travelers. In advance, we must know all the local information concerning the food habits present and available on the spot.

We must also find out about local regulations regarding the labeling of products, without forgetting, of course, to always read them before consuming them. It is crucial to always give the hotel all the essential information regarding our dietary restrictions.

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