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What Budget Should You Plan for the Cruise of Your Dreams?

Going on a cruise means considering the trip as an essential part of your vacation and enjoying a good time from the moment you get on board. Considered by some as a luxury, cruises can be accessible to reasonable budgets. So if you were to go on the cruise of your dreams, how much would you need? It all depends on the itinerary, chosen travel agency, and planned activities. We’ll give you the information you need to determine your cruise budget.

According to the Route

The distance to be covered is an essential criterion in determining the cost of a cruise. Indeed, a cruise in the Mediterranean will cost less than a trip to the Caribbean or the Middle East, for example.

The popularity of the sites to visit also influences the price. This is why a cruise in the fjords is more expensive than a transatlantic or Asian trip. By choosing the world tour offer, you have access to different sites, which can increase the price tenfold.

So, to define the budget of the cruise, start by determining the places you want to visit. However, if you are not used to traveling by boat, set a reasonably short trip to avoid getting bored.

The Duration of the Trip

Contrary to popular belief, a cruise is not necessarily a long sea voyage. You can escape for a weekend and return to your duties on Monday, just as you can leave for a whole year to discover the world. Choose the length of your trip according to your available time and your budget. For less than €100, you can enjoy a special weekend in the Mediterranean or the British and German coasts. Mini-trips also allow beginners to appreciate this mode of travel better.

On the other hand, a long cruise will allow you to discover more sites and countries. So, whether you’re looking to go to a specific destination or just to get away from it all, start by evaluating how much time you think you can spend on a ship.

Comfort During the Trip

Expenses on a cruise can quickly increase depending on the choice of travel agency and the little extras offered during the trip. Before you make your reservation, find out what services are included in the offer so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later on.

Sometimes, the stay on board is not included in the cost of the trip. It costs about 10 €/night/adult (half for a child). Even if this is not a lot, the cost will weigh on your budget if you are numerous or spend several days at sea. Also, consider checking the menu, which can sometimes be more expensive.

Are you used to sharing photos on social networks? First, you should know that fiber optics or wifi do not exist at sea. All the connection is made by satellite, which limits the internet packages. Their cost is also expensive.

Luxury boats offer various services and activities such as spas, game rooms, or others to make you spend more.

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Miscellaneous Expenses

Before leaving on a trip, you need complete documents such as a passport and visa, not only for a cruise. It would help if you also considered paying for insurance covered during the trip.

Depending on where you are going, you will need a vaccination certificate. For example, if you are going to South America, you must be vaccinated against yellow fever. Lately, many travel agencies require vaccination against Covid.

In short, defining the budget for a cruise is much more complex. You need to determine the places you want to visit, the time you have available to go on vacation, and the comfort you need during the trip. According to this, you need to choose the agency that best meets your expectations.



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