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Food Meets Faith: Best Christian-Friendly Restaurants in the World

When dining out, it’s obvious that you’ll pick a restaurant in a nice neighborhood that offers fine cuisine. Prices and recommendations are factors that are also considered when choosing a restaurant. However, today people no longer focus on the price and the service as much as they do on the “unique” factor of the restaurant. Great food can be found in almost all restaurants, people want to go somewhere fun, different and outstanding –and that’s when themed restaurants enter the picture.

If you’d ask me what the most memorable themed restaurant I’ve ever gone to, I’d say it was Rainforest Café in Marne-La-Vallee, Disney Village or the Hospital Themed Restaurant in Singapore. At both places, the food was exquisite and the service was very friendly.

Rainforest Café was (might still be), as per Trip Advisor, the seventh-best restaurant in Marne-La-Vallee, so you’d expect it to be pricy. But, actually we had a very large meal spent between four family members and it was awesome. This place is a must for kids who love adventure, jungles and animals. And, the experience at the hospital-themed restaurant in Singapore was also incredible. The restaurant’s décor is stunning because instead of chairs and stools, you’ll find invalid wheelchairs and hospital beds. All servers are dressed as nurses and drinks are served in vials and drip bulbs. They’ll even ask you to change into hospital gowns, which definitely make the whole experience more memorable.

Such restaurants are based on quirky themes and they often use popular culture as their main source of inspiration. However, when you are a strong believer and follower of Christ, you’d go more for Christian-themed restaurants than tiki bars or waiters dressed in gorilla suits.

There are actually many Christian-run restaurants out there that are very open about displaying their Christian belief in their business. So, if you are looking for faith-focused dining places, you may want to take a look at the list below!


Chick-fill-AI think there are several reasons why one of America’s largest fast food restaurant chains is still thriving despite some people accusing it of having a “nasty track record” on social issues.

First, it’s because of its guilt-free comfort food. Sometimes, food is all it takes to make you forget your bad day at work or that annoying boss. And, Chick-fill-A has a huge variety of food that won’t make you regret eating it. For instance, there is that iconic chicken sandwich, with many variations like the spicy sandwich as well as deluxe variants of both. It’s fried, so it’s as great as any regular cheeseburger, especially when you put your favorite sauce on it.

Then, there are those waffle fries that are super crunchy and perfect for scooping up the sauce – not to mention that you’ve got all kinds of sauces to choose from to complete your meal. And, if you want something sweet, you have a wide variety of desserts, ranging from flavored ice creams to milkshakes, chocolate cookies and iced lemonades.

Another reason why Chick-fill-A is the favorite go-to place for many believers is because the restaurant was founded by a Christian and still runs by Christian principles – the fast food chain has over 1500 restaurants in 39 states but all remain close on Sundays.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out BurgerMost fast food restaurants are dirty, rude and very informal. But, people love In-N-Out Burger because it’s fast and very friendly.

Back in 1987, the California-based fast food restaurant started printing Bible verses on its burger packaging and cups. Richard Synder, the son of one of the founders of the chain, initiated this ‘ritual” just because he wanted to. Even after his death, his family kept this tradition and today, you’ll still find some tiny printed Bible verses on the underside of their cups or on the paper pouches for burgers.






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