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Different measures have been implemented in Thailand to stop the spreading of COVID-19, but unfortunately, like any other place, they have been touched by the pandemic. Thailand has listed a lot of measures to allow travelling there even during the pandemic. So, visitors coming to Thailand will have to abide by these rules. So, let’s discover what it takes to travel to Thailand in 2022;

1. Eligibility

You should start by checking if you are eligible to enter the Thailand territory. Even though it is said that Thailand is open to travellers, you should fall into a certain group first. If you are entering Thailand without a visa, you should be granted a Thailand Pass. But if you are entering Thailand to start, you should have a visa or try to contact the embassy to see if the pass is only suitable for your stay. There are also many things to check; for example, you can enter Thailand under the quarantine program or the Sandbox; there are a lot of other programs that you may want to research.

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2. Visa Application

If you have applied for the Thailand Pass, you won’t need to apply for a visa; you can apply for the pass online, but you will be only allowed to stay for 30 days.

You can also apply for a Tourist Visa at the Thai embassy or consulate. The Tourist Visa is normally a range of 60 days, but it can be extended to 30 more days which comes up to 90 days.

There is a large range of visas available for non-immigrants, starting from business or employment visas to retirement visas. You only need to apply according to your situation.

3. Book A Flight, Hotel Or Covid-19 Insurance

Flights To Thailand

The airlines allowed to Thailand are Qatar, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Finnair, All Nippon and Thai Airways. The airlines will depend on where you are taking off.

Before booking a flight, you should study the categories of visas to determine the possibility of travel. Remember that buying a ticket does not guarantee your entry into Thailand.

Book Your Covid Insurance 

It is important to buy COVID-19 insurance as the Thai authorities ask it. Most insurance will cover;

– You will be covered medically to at least $ 20,000 if you are injured and sick, including COVID-19.

– It is important that your insurance cover the span of your stay in Thailand. It does not matter how much time, either 7 days or 100 days.

Having health insurance will make it easier to have a visa; keep in mind that Thai embassies can reject your visa if you do not have health insurance.

4. Thailand Pass

Applying for a Thailand Pass should be done at least five to seven working days before arrival.

You may apply for Thailand Pass online; you should be supported with good documents such as a copy of your passport, a valid visa and covid-19 insurance.

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5. COVID-19 Test

When you are done with the travel Pass, you should prepare a few documents. Here is a checklist of documents that you should present;

– Thailand Pass.

– Thai visa.

– RT-PCR method was taken and conducted for at least 72 hours; please note that some airlines do not allow kit tests, so it is important to check.

– Your print COVID-19 travel insurance certificate.

– Copy of flight reservation.

– Copy of hotel booking.

If you want to travel to Thailand, these are the basics, so it is important to make sure everything is good. Let us know if you are ready to travel after the pandemic…



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