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6 Best Places To Go For Ice Cream in Corsica

France has many beautiful places, which attract many visitors from all over the world, including Corsica. With its wild and mountainous land in the heart of the Mediterranean, Corsica is a paradise. It is the best travel destination for nature lovers, hikers, water activities, etc.

It is now called the “island of beauty”. Indeed, the island has splendid landscapes, historical places, and picturesque and authentic villages. Spending a few days in Corsica is worth it for a natural enchantment. So, to make your stay a success, we propose the places you should not miss in this article.

What could be better than to be in Corsica during the summer vacations? With the beautiful landscapes and sunny days of the island, you can only enjoy it. During your walks on the beach, why not enjoy good ice cream? Discover in this article the best ice cream shops in Corsica.

The most famous ice cream parlors


When talking about ice cream parlors in Corsica, they are always quoted as references. They are craftsmen-ice-cream makers who make their ice creams. Passionate, they work hard to offer products of superior quality. With a multitude of flavors, these ice cream makers have elevated the making of ice cream to the rank of gastronomic art.

1. Chez Raugi

Founded in 1937, Chez Raugi is a family business whose know-how is passed down from father to son. This renowned ice cream parlor is distinguished by its traditional ice cream production. It offers very good quality products and excellent frozen desserts.

It is located in Bastia, in the heart of the city. In terms of creativity, the artisans of Chez Raugi constantly propose new flavors with very daring agreements that will never cease to amaze you. Chez Raugi is best known for its famous royal chocolate and Nutella ice cream. It offers more than 50 flavors, 55 ice cream sundaes, and 28 sorbets. It is the place to be for ice cream lovers.

2. Geronimi

Installed in Sagone, Geronimi was created by Pierre Geronimi, who is a Corsican artisan ice cream maker well known for his culinary passion. Geronimi’s ice creams are present in the world’s biggest cities, such as Paris or Monaco. Inspired by the flavors of his native island, the ice cream maker never stops creating and innovating by combining the finesse of the tastes with the particular character of some specific products. He thus creates unique flavors that are a treat for the taste buds.

3. The Salge House

Moreover, you will find several points of sale for ice cream at La Maison Salge on the island. Located in Saint Laurent, La Maison Salge was created by José Salge, a craftsman ice cream maker from a family of bakers. He has become one of the references in terms of ice cream made with Corsican products.

The other ice cream shops that deserve a detour


There are other ice-cream makers in Corsica, such as Les Glaces Neri, Remy Romuald, and La Rocca Serra. These addresses, still little known, deserve that you make a small detour there.

4. The Neri ice creams

Les Glaces Neri in Ajaccio remained a rather confidential address known only to some connoisseurs. Opened only in summer, Les glaces Neri allowed only to order and take away ice creams. Today, it is possible to enjoy ice cream on the spot. Installed in the heart of the imperial city, this small store has a workshop of manufacture.

5. Remy Romuald

Remy Romuald is an artisan ice cream maker in full expansion. He was a finalist for the international chocolate prize in 2002 and is ranked by Gault & Millau. Remy Romuald prepares tasty recipes with quality products. He works with perfumes to create original flavors.

6. La Rocca Serra


The Rocca Serra ice cream shop, located in the port of Bonifacio, is one of the best ice cream shops on the island. It offers a wide range of flavors, from the most classic to the most original. It is the ideal place for a little gourmet pleasure.

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