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What Equipment Should You Plan For Your Getaway?

Going on a getaway means escaping from routine, habits, frustration, and daily problems. There are different ways to do this: hiking, camping, etc. It is always better to be well equipped and not to forget anything. Discover through this article the essential equipment for a project of escapade.

Equipment and accessories


Are you planning to go on a day trip or camping trip with your family, friends, or relatives? To have fun and get in the mood for discovery during your stay, make sure you are well equipped and don’t miss anything. Here are some ideas of equipment and accessories that you might need for this project:

A backpack of at least 30 liters: is mainly reserved for a day hike. The choice of the bag plays a vital role in the comfort and the pleasure during the escapade. This is why you should choose a large pack where you can put all your stuff. For a hike with luggage, choose at least 40 liters bag. Otherwise, choose a bag of at least 50 liters.

You should also be careful about the material your bag is made of. Choose a very solid bag with a belt, a resistant fabric, padded straps, a back with a flexible frame. This way, you won’t get tired while carrying it. You can still use it for your next getaway projects. You should also have a bag cover to protect all your stuff, in case of rain. You can also use a large garbage bag and incorporate it into your bag.

A first aid kit: often called a “personal pharmacy”. It is mandatory because you may be going to a place far from medical centers or even without any medical access. It must include at least: an embrocation balm, “double skin”, Elastoplast, an intestinal antiseptic, an analgesic, an eye drop, an anti-diarrheal, personal medication (in case of treatment). Also, put sun cream in it.

Tents and sleeping bags: these are the first items of equipment you should not forget when you go camping. They allow you to be safe and comfortable during the night, especially after a long day of walking. It is possible that you will not find hotels or guesthouses to stay in. That’s why you should plan.

A camera to take pictures of you and the places you visit. It allows you to immortalize those pleasant moments spent at the mountain or other places. If necessary, walking sticks are used to support your weight and that of your luggage (in the case of a bag that is too heavy) during steep ascents or descents.

In addition to this equipment, you should also bring cutlery, food, snacks, sunglasses, a helmet, etc. You can contact a supplier or distributor of equipment specialized in “Mountain and Hiking” products to purchase your equipment.



For a day trip or a more extended trip, getting information about the weather before leaving is necessary. Depending on the season and your destination, you will know what to wear. What kind of clothes to choose from? In any case, here is a non-exhaustive list of clothing to bring:

  • Underwear
  • A light t-shirt (for a bike ride)
  • Lightweight, loose-fitting pants
  • Fleece or a warm sweater
  • A windproof garment
  • Waterproof clothing
  • A hat, bonnet, head covering, or cap
  • Gloves
  • Walking shoes
  • A “down jacket” or warm jacket, etc.

Means of transportation


Depending on your desires, your needs, your enthusiasm, you can do the following:

A hike is necessary to wear walking shoes that have already been used to avoid blisters and make you feel comfortable. On a bike ride, before you leave, it is essential to check your tires and wheels, brakes, gears, etc. You should also bring patches, a screwdriver, Allen keys, a headlamp, a mini-pump, etc.

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