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Which destination would you like to visit first? If you are not only an avid traveler but also a foodie, this is the list for you. We chose ten countries with fantastic culture, architecture, nature, and diverse cuisine.

United States

Another massive country with a plethora of diverse traditions, flavors, blends, and mash-ups. People from all over the world have contributed to the American food industry. Chefs let their fantasies run wild because their vision is as large as the portions themselves.

Restaurants in big cities like New York and Chicago are hip and compete to see who can be the most creative and off-the-wall. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the healthy lifestyle reigns supreme, providing a tasty alternative to the more fatty cuisine of the East Coast.


Tourism is essential to the country’s economy, as visitors worldwide admire the ancient architecture and the pristine beaches. The most popular Thai dishes, made of fresh seafood, rice, and, of course, coconut milk, will be served at luxurious, affordable resorts. Try the words in the local markets and streets as well – they are as authentic as it gets. Eating out can be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Another place where gourmets can indulge in an endless feast of tastes, colors, spices, and music. Travel to vibrant Mexico City, bursting at the seams with intense aromas, flavors, and sounds. If you want to keep it low-key, go to a hotel on the beach of California Sur and eat on the sand while watching the sunset.

Mexico can genuinely provide a sensory experience: not only is the food rich in blends, but the culture, people, and nature are all inspiring.


The land of a passionate tango is populated by people who appear to know how to enjoy life and all it offers.

A juicy beef filet with a glass of local wine in a restaurant where soulful dancing music is being performed live will show you how strong this culture is.


Another country that dazzles with its vibrant culture. Indian cuisine is well-known for being highly spicy and predominantly vegetarian. Indian cuisine has also conquered the world, but the authentic flavors will emerge in various unfamiliar tastes in India.


It’s impossible not to enjoy French cuisine. There is something for everyone from fresh seafood in the north to posh establishments in Paris to Mediterranean herb-inspired cuisine in the south. And every meal can be accompanied by a glass of local wine, which has a distinct flavor of the region from which it comes.

You will not be disappointed wherever you go in France: its rich culture, old architecture, and diverse food can be found almost anyplace. Discover the country of which the French are so proud!


Food is an inextricable component of the diverse Spanish culture that must be experienced major once in one’s lifetime. The country’s cuisine is one of the most varied in the Mediterranean. There’s something for everyone from sumptuous seafood dishes to world-renowned bacon specialties, from Arab-inspired cuisine to the finest wines.


Chinese cuisine has dominated the world, from fast delectable meals to complex cuisine spiced up by intricate rituals.

Please do not overlook the tea: people from all over the world order it to be shipped to the most remote parts of the globe so that they can have a cup of fresh, delicious tea.

The foreigner will be introduced to the most unusual flavors for the first time. Whether it’s a takeaway, street food, or a fine dining establishment, the experience will not disappoint even the most discerning palate.


It’s safe to say that Italian cuisine is the best globally. Pasta, pizza, and ice cream are some of my favorite foods. Everything will taste 10 times better in Italy because the Italians employ an abundance of freshly harvested ingredients, herbs, seasoning, olive oil, and the chefs’ magic touch, which is inspired by hundreds of years of tradition.

If you want to read more about the delicacies the world has to offer, let us know in the comments below.



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