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Choosing The taxi As A Tourist Transport: Interesting Or Not?

Taxis are the most common and attractive means of urban transportation almost all over the world. With the evolution of time and to meet the demands of different sectors, taxis for tourist transport have emerged.

But are they really advantageous? Discover the interests and challenges of choosing a taxi to ensure your tourist travel in this article.

The particularities of taxis in tourist transport


In general, a taxi is a light private vehicle driven by a driver, equipped with a taximeter (meter recording the distance traveled, the time elapsed, and the amount to be paid) for industrialized countries.

It provides paid transportation for individuals to a specific destination, whether for short or long distances. An example of this is for a medical trip. The number of seats for taxis is limited to 9, including the driver.

Transposed into the tourism sector, the taxi takes a different approach, which is oriented towards the experience and discovery of a place. Indeed, the tourist taxi goes beyond the simple transportation from one destination to another.

It offers a wide range of customized tourist itineraries or tours because it can provide transfers to and from the airport or train station and guided and commented tours when discovering cities and historical places.

Some companies specializing in the field of tourist taxis provide their customers with a vehicle that can seat up to 12 people. It can also be equipped with a baby seat, a luggage trailer, a bicycle rack, or a motorcycle rack.

Regulations related to the taxi for tourist transport

taxi activities are highly regulated. Each taxi must be attached to a defined geographical area and must have a license to pick up passengers and operate on the road. In addition, tourist taxi drivers must first possess a professional card after passing a professional aptitude test.

They must then undergo appropriate training and be certified as tourist guides. In the exercise of their profession, they collaborate closely with the tourist offices.

The advantages of the tourist taxi


The tourist taxi has many advantages. Of course, to take a taxi, all you have to do is hail on the street. However, in view of the saturation of traffic and in order to have easy access to their services, the operation of tourist taxis is subject to a reservation system.

Thus, making a reservation by phone or online is strongly advised. This can be done at any time because the company terminals work 24 hours a day. It is also fast, as it benefits from the privileged lanes in the traffic.

In addition, most taxi drivers are punctual, courteous, and friendly. This allows you to benefit from a friendly environment and make your trip pleasant.

The tourist taxi is a part of a city’s cultural identity, just like traditional taxis. It is a historical means of transportation, which has existed for some time. But it evolves with the times and follows the latest trends to offer you maximum comfort and tailor-made service.

For example, taxi vehicles are currently available in high-end models (such as the Peugeot), with air conditioning, equipped with Wi-Fi access, driven by a multilingual driver, etc. The tourist taxi is mechanically impectaxile and equipped with GPS and ensures optimal safety.

Taking a tourist taxi saves you from renting a car and from taking a tourist guide, which is heavy on your wallet.

In addition, a tourist taxi is a good alternative for wine tours to avoid the constraints and dangers of self-driving.

Rates for a tourist taxi


The rates of a tourist taxi are reasonable. Indeed, by choosing a taxi, you will pay about 15% less than a chauffeured vehicle. At the same time, the comfort and service offered by the latter are almost identical to those offered by the tourist taxi.

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