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Must-See Places in the Lovely Suriname

A South American country bordering Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana, Suriname’s coasts touch the Caribbean Sea and its capital, Paramaribo, was classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its colonial style. It is not the most touristic country in South America, however, there are some amazing places to visit there. Not sure which one? Not to worry! In today’s article, we will talk about the must-sees in this lovely country. Enjoy the reading!

But first, before listing the must-see sites in Suriname, you should know a couple of things that may be unknown to you because it is a rather small nation. For instance, the typical food of Suriname has roots from several nations, among which Japan, Africa, France and Indonesia stand out. Likewise, it has a lot of religious variety and is ideal for ecotourism, since it has a very varied fauna.

Suriname is the least populated country in South America and, therefore, the ideal destination for those who wish to escape the crowds and the stressful and hectic movement of the big metropolises. Interested? Keep reading.


Paramaribo, the capital, is one of the few places that offers you what Bangkok or Bali could have offered you ten years ago: dreamy beaches, an unparalleled fishing port, an ancestral culture and tons of cultural differences as exciting as colorful. In Paramaribo, Indians, Maroons, Caribs, Creoles, Europeans and Chinese live together. It is not without reason that this city preserves an architectural heritage including orthodox and Christian religious buildings, synagogues and mosques.

It is a city where Dutch, English, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Spanish are spoken, and where religions can be neighbors without any problem. Isn’t it nice and interesting to know different cultures, religions and languages in the same city? This is a good example of multiculturalism!

Want to know what to see in Paramaribo? First of all, the cathedral of Paramaribo, which dates from the 19th century. It is a Catholic church that was completed in 1901 and follows the Dutch aesthetic. It is built of wood, which is the main architectural building material in warm Paramaribo.

The colonial style is part of the Creole heritage in Suriname, so we echo the importance of knowing them. Stroll through its quiet streets and discover some of the most beautiful corners of Paramaribo as you stroll through the city.

2.Brownsberg Nature Park

Brownsberg Nature Park is very famous as it is home to many species of birds, monkeys, three-toed sloths, turnip-tailed geckos and countless other animals. It is also home to impressive waterfalls and mountain streams. This protected area of Suriname is located in the Brokopondo district.

On an area of about 12,000 hectares, you can get in touch with nature. Near the mountain there are several places to sleep, an information center and a restaurant. It’s not just about walking and admiring the flora and fauna! In this park you can take a good nap in a hammock, climb mountains, camp and even marvel at the roar of the animals.

3.Fort Zeelandia

The third place to see in Suriname is a fortress that was built around a trading post by English settlers in the early 17th century. This fort was used as the site of the December 1982 political assassinations and was used to imprison and torture prisoners who opposed the military government. It is one of the few stone buildings, since most are made of wood, and for that reason alone, it is one of the places not to be missed!

Its combination of red bricks and exotic vegetation on the riverbank is fascinating, giving a unique touch to the colonial center of Paramaribo. The exterior is surrounded by white wooden houses with large terraces from which you can have a full view.

In the cozy restaurant of Fort Zeelandia you can stop for a coffee, a sandwich or a salad if it is daytime, while at night it offers a menu that includes international dishes. On the other hand, the fort houses the Suriname Museum with exhibits that allow you to better connect with the history of this country.

You now know 3 places to visit in Suriname. Interested to learn more? Come back to check out the second part of this article.




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