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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Restaurants To Visit In Paris.

Paris is a very beautiful city, but it can be pretty expensive if you do not have the ‘must-eat spots’ around. Many people find it difficult to find the ‘creme de la creme’ affordable restaurants in Paris, so I am here to help you. Are you down for a good deal in the homeland of gastronomy?

L’As du Fallafel

Falafel, Middle East, Chickpeas

We will start with the best of the bunch in terms of fast food. On a trip to the Paris Jewish quarter, you need to taste their falafel. Their famous falafel sandwich has attracted tons of visitors since 1979. With more than 40 years of experience, how can you not trust them?

While they have a dining room, most people prefer to take their sandwiches on the go. They have a very good rating of 4/5 on Trip Advisor. Keep in mind that this is a fast-food joint. They also offer a vegetarian option too.

Le P’tit Troquet.

This list would not be complete if I did not mention a restaurant near the famous Eiffel Tower. Most Parisians will recommend you this restaurant for its traditional french delicacies.

It is not required to have a reservation, but you can reserve if you are afraid of not getting in, as some nights may be busy. On the menu, you will find dishes like ‘foie gras’ and ‘boeuf bourguignon’, very Frenchy foods.

As the place is very in demand, I recommend you go early as items on the menu might run out very quickly.

La Bastide d’Opio Restaurant

We’ve just been through the Jewish quarter and near the Eiffel tower, so now let’s jump to the Latin quarter. Also known as the left bank, the neighbourhood is recognized as being the artistic side of Paris.

This restaurant serves southern dishes with seasonal products, so be sure to be served fresh food when you go there. I recommend you choose from the ‘menu du jour.’

You will have a taste of southern France without going there. I would also recommend that you go there during lunch, and do not forget to make a reservation as the place is often busy.

Ippudo Paris

Tori Shoyu Ramen @ Ippudo Louvre @ Paris | Guilhem Vellut | Flickr
Ippudo Louvre

Ippudo is not a Parisian restaurant. They are recognized internationally for their ramen. This is not the most low-cost ramen available in Paris but surely the best one. IPPUDO Paris is a 100% Japanese restaurant specializing in Japanese ramen and tapas. Their noodles are homemade, and all of their dishes are prepared with care and quality products.

So if you want to have a quick trip to Japan in Paris, I recommend Ippudo. You won’t be deceived.

Le Cinq Lorette Restaurant

Wanna jump to entertainment and shopping? The 9th arrondissement of Paris has numerous entertainment spots. From the Palais Garnier or Opéra Garnier to the Galleries Lafayette, you will be spoiled for choice.

If you are around and you are vegetarian, you need to try this restaurant (even the non-vegetarian eat there). You have some choices, and there is not only salads as some may think.

For dessert I recommend you the fruit salad, it is most of the time seasonal fruits, so you are sure to have fresh fruits. It is best to go around lunchtime and get there early as it can get busy very quickly. If you choose to take your meal to go, you get a 10 % discount on take-away orders.

If you are in Paris and do not want to spend a lot on food while having a decent gastronomical experience, I highly recommend these places mentioned above. Let us know in the comments if you are considering trying one of these places…




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