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If you’re flying with kids, you might be a little stressed. What if your baby starts crying, your toddler starts whining, or your young child gets bored? Going on vacation should be fun, right? With these tips, we can make it a little easier for you!

1) Flying Far Away? Opt for an Overnight Flight

When you’re going on a short vacation to a destination not too far away, a daytime flight is appropriate. However, if you have a choice when it comes to booking, an overnight flight is better than a daytime flight if you’re flying for a long time. You don’t have to entertain him/her since most of the time your toddler will be sleeping, especially if it’s around bedtime.

2) Toddler-Friendly Airlines

There are no airlines that do anything specifically for families with a baby. However, some airlines are more fun and friendly for all children than others. Some examples are Etihad Airways and Emirates. KLM is also quite child-friendly, with children’s food and a playbook on board. In general, charter and low-cost airlines are less child-friendly than scheduled airlines. It’s pretty strange because, on some charter flights, there are more families than couples.

3) Make a Countdown Calendar

A small child understands very well what will happen, and that’s why you have to tell him about the flight in advance. Inform them at least a week before that the family is going on a trip. For instance, you can make them use stickers to count the days.

4) Pack Together

Let your child help pack the hand luggage, too and while doing this, explain why they can only take a few toys only. This way, they will have a better understanding and there would be less risk of throwing a tantrum during the fight because of missing toys.

Tip: what to pack for a flight with a small child will depend somewhat on the flight duration.

For an overnight flight, pyjamas and a sleeping bag (if your child usually has one) are a must. In any case, you should bring an extra set of clothes to be prepared for accidents. Some snacks are also helpful, such as gingerbread and a carton of juice (less than 200 ml). If you are flying with a low-cost airline, you should, of course, be more self-sufficient than with a regular airline. Make sure everything fits in a bag and is readily at hand.

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5) Tablet and Toys

This is a lifesaver on planes without entertainment. You can also bring their favourite stuffed animal, a colouring book with crayons (stay away from markers, they are a disaster) and some small books.

6) Reward Your Child With Gifts

Pack small toys that you can give them every half hour as a reward for good behaviour. It doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be old toys that your child has forgotten about. Small stuffed animals and wind-up toys that can be played with on the folding table are suitable.

7) Opt for Comfortable Clothes

A child with clothes that are not comfortable can quickly become grumpy. Choose soft, spacious clothing that can be easily taken off and put on when it’s hot or cold on the plane. Pyjamas, for example, are ideal. If that’s not enough, you can also bring a pillow to place next to the window seat against the airplane wall. Your little one will soon be dreaming of your vacation.

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8) Beware of the “Airplane Police”!

A smart trick is to warn your child about the “aeroplane police,” who look for misbehaving children who are not allowed to fly. We’re not suggesting that you should scare your child, but this has a significant effect in curbing the toddlers’ behaviour who climb on the seats, play with the folding table, kick the seat and all the other things that drive the passengers around crazy.

If you apply these few tips, the flight will be smooth and over in no time! Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!



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