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Wild Cheesecakes Every Foodie Need to Try in Their Life Once

In my opinion, as a self-certified foodie, there is no better dessert than cheesecake, and no one can change this unless there is another variety of cheesecake that is made. This layered treat is available in hundreds of different variations that will always surprise your taste buds. There is a lot of delicious cheesecake in different flavours and toppings that range from fruit to whipped cream. If you want a piece of heaven, then the mixture of the rich cream cheese and graham cracker crust is the perfect match.

Moreover, the dessert’s beauty is that it is so simple that the recipe can be altered to unique and wild creations that will leave you wanting for more. Some cheesecakes do not comply with the original form of the original cheesecake. Whether it is bite-sized or on a stick, cheesecake should be every foodie’s top to-go dessert.

Here are my favourites that I’ve loved once I tasted them!

1. Peanut Butter Butterfinger

This might not be a popular one and often considered the most underrated. This cheesecake has an extra crunchy texture that mirrors that of a normal cheesecake crust. Well, I’m not saying this is healthy, but your palate will thank you. With a crust comprised of crushed Oreo cookies and a filling that includes the typical ingredients like sugar and full-fat cream cheese, and cream of peanut butter, this is undoubtedly one of my favourites. Tip in eating – melt the peanut butter and drizzle on it!

2. Red Velvet

My second best is the simple red velvet that is so soft that you can feel it melting in your mouth. Even if this recipe requires a lot of patience, as the cake itself requires some time to bake and another hour to cool down with eight hours to chill, the serving is worth the wait. Perfect for a social gathering or a birthday, the red velvet is a delicacy in the mouth.

3. Caramel Apple

I believe that apple and caramel are meant to be together, and with these two ingredients in the cheesecake, then it’s a bonus! Though apples and caramel remind me of caramel apple, I used to gobble on during my teens. Derived from Paula Dean’s recipe, this cheesecake is adorned with a pie filling crust, which gives it another touch when eating. The topped caramel and pecans nuts give the crunchiness that makes this cheesecake a lot better than others.

4. Samoa Cheesecake

Though the word Samoa does not instantly conjure up the thought of deliciousness but believe me, this recipe is one that you need to try! Some people know it as Caramel Delight. This recipe is belly-filling even when reading it. With a coconut shortbread filling, this cheesecake is often topped with whipped cream, toasted grated coconut and melted chocolate and some drizzle of caramel. Muah, an oomph in the mouth is best to describe this feeling!

5. Deep Fried Cheesecake Bites

This is a variation of cheesecake that I had to have twice to fall in love with it! Derived from America, this cheesecake is a slice that you would want to have in your mouth. With instruction to be eaten hot, this cheesecake is an easy to-go food when you are hungry. Though this cake takes time to be prepared, it is worth it as it leaves you wanting for more! It can be served with any sauce of your choice. You can drizzle them with fresh strawberries, sugar, lemon juice or chocolate sauce.

So, foodies, get your bags ready to visit this fantastic dessert shop in Melbourne! Baby J’s creates fun and unique cheesecakes for everyone.



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