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Traveling to Venice: Places You Cannot Miss

Venice is one of the most exciting cities in Italy and in the world. The first thing to do while visiting it is to be enchanted by its wonders and the atmosphere that only a lagoon city like Venice can offer!

Some of the attractions are really special and unique and therefore deserve special attention. Whether you go for a day or a weekend, below are some things to do in Venice.

Piazza San Marco

It is the whole city’s beating heart, where every tourist disembarks first and where their visit begins. There, you will discover some of the most important and beautiful palaces in Venice, as well as some of the historic bars and restaurants, which boast a long tradition and a glorious past… but beware of the prices!

Tour of the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal of Venice is a beautiful one, and sumptuous Venetian places overlook it. Thanks to a ride on a Vaporetto, the Venetian public waterbus, you can enjoy some of the magnificence of Venice while sitting comfortably.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, it is advisable to take a tour instead of taking the Vaporetto with the gondola, with which you can discover the most remote corners of the minor canals.

Doge’s Palace

One cannot miss visiting the most beautiful Venetian palace, where we can appreciate all the splendor, richness, and power that the Serenissima possessed! The entrance is not free, but it is absolutely worth it; moreover, it is possible to visit the famous prisons that can be reached by passing inside the Bridge of Sighs.

Murano and Its Glass Production

One of the most famous islands in the Venetian lagoon, Murano, is known worldwide for glass’s manual production. It is easily accessible by Vaporetto or ferry. Its streets are charming, and the whole small island is adorned with artisan stores where you can see the master glassmakers at work and where you can buy unique creations.

Lace Museum of Burano

Especially if you are passionate about lace, you can’t miss a visit to another lagoon island, Burano. Its characteristic colorful houses will offer you pleasant walks, while the artisan stores where exquisite hand-made lace is made will further enrich the visit. The lace museum is also worth a visit.

Basilica of San Marco

The marvelous Basilica is located in the famous square of the same name. It has a spectacular façade, and the interior is also fascinating from an artistic point of view. Admission is free, so it is highly recommended to enter, even though the queue is usually very long and the entrance can take up to an hour!

Inside the Basilica, there are 3 small museums with an entrance fee, but above all the San Marco Museum is very interesting and worth a visit. It houses the original copies of the horses on the Basilica facade, and you can also admire the balcony overlooking the square, which allows you to enjoy a very suggestive view from above.

Rialto Bridge

As a floating city, Venice is full of bridges, but the Rialto Bridge is one of the most beautiful and famous. In this area, there is still an ancient market that has existed for about 1,000 years. Among the fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish, you will find the real soul of Venice.

Venice Carnival

If you make your trip to Venice during the period of February, we recommend you not to miss the very famous and elegant Venetian carnival. Every year it attracts an impressive number of tourists who flock to see the magnificent Venetian masks live. An attraction not to be missed!


Have you ever visited Venice? Remember to leave a comment below to share with us what was your favorite place there.



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