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8 Ways You Can Enjoy at Home If You Are a Camper or Outdoor Lover

The pandemic hit hard and the first to suffer was the tourism industry. As there were no incoming flights and people were taking maximum precautions, the industry suffered a blow that is worse than the recession. We’ve been caught in this pandemic for a long time and we can’t go anywhere else. Well, especially for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, they miss the outdoors and the connection with nature! Forties has been tough for everyone, but it is especially tough for those who enjoy spending time in nature and the outdoors. Campers, hikers, backpackers and others are not used to staying indoors for long periods of time. But in the current situation, it is best for everyone to follow the rules to stay safe.

If you are in one of these two situations and have a large yard or accessible roof, here are eight ways to make the most of the quarantine season.

Camp in your yard

For many people, their garden is the closest thing to the outdoors during this quarantine period. So why not make the most of it? Put up your tent or hammock and go camping in your garden! It’s a great way to sunbathe, breathe fresh air and most importantly, spend quality time with your family (especially if you have children!).

While you’re at it, play yard games, enjoy delicious camping snacks and swap scary stories like you would in a real campsite!

Prepare meals around a campfire

Besides the peace and quiet of the woods and the beauty of nature, one of the best aspects of the campsite is the food. Nothing beats a delicious meal freshly cooked over a campfire! And you can still enjoy this food even when you are at home. If you can’t make a campfire for cooking, don’t worry – you can always cook using your grill or cooking regularly in your kitchen. You can try bum pockets, s’mores-inspired desserts and more!

Check out the virtual tours of the national parks

If you like to visit the country’s national parks, you won’t have to miss them too much – now you can visit your favorite parks and even the lesser-known ones without leaving home! Google has launched an interactive documentary, virtual exhibit and 360-degree virtual tour of some of the U.S. National Parks, entitled “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks”, available via the Google Arts and Culture application, available for both Android and IOS.

Adopt mental calm

Meditation has a million benefits, but when you can’t go outside, it’s very useful for keeping a clear mind and staying positive. You can even visualize a beautiful outdoor setting like a mountain. We love the free Insight Timer which offers a wide range of guided meditations in the field.

Start planning the ultimate expedition

Now that you’re feeling inspired, one of the best indoor activities should be planning your next expedition. Are you going alone or do you need to put a team together? Will you need more equipment? How long will it take? When should you start saving money? It’s time to get the maps out and go to the drawing board, now there’s no excuse for not being prepared.

Make a den or tree house

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have children – everyone loves tree houses and burrows. It’s a pretty big project, but think how much fun it would be to read your new adventure novel in a tree house!

Test your taste for adventure

Take out your camping stove in the living room, or, if you have a garden, why not make a campfire? There’s nothing better to try hiking snacks, try meals on the camp stove or try dehydrating food for hikers.

Get in touch with other adventurers

It is very important to use this time to get in touch with other like-minded people. Talk to others about your travels, learn about theirs, find out how they are doing and what they have planned for the future. During Coronavirus, we are all in the same situation. Stay together and we can get through it as a community.

If you can’t spend time in the wilderness and outdoors, why not take them straight to your home? These enjoyable activities at home for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.



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