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From texts to voice notes, it holds thousands of memories! You can play on it and do some social networking on it. It often replaces the TV or radio, and you can even find eternal love thanks to it. No, we are not talking about a futuristic gadget that only uptown folks can get! We meant your smartphone! This modern device comes with numerous benefits and features! But, have you ever think of it as a contemporary travel agent with limitless handy applications?

With a few clicks, you can book cabs, flights, accommodations, and even a table at a famous restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to during your vacation time. Although that your travel plans have probably been suspended due to the pandemic, you can take this time to organize your next trip and make sure it will be a stress-free blast while downloading some useful travel apps.

Here’s a list of our favorite practical apps:


1. For Insurance 

  • Airhelp

    Many of us have already experienced the disappointing feeling of a delayed or canceled flight. While many countries provide compensation for those situations, the process of getting compensated can be daunting. But, Airhelp takes the weight off your shoulders and gets the job done for you.

    You’ll only have to enter a few pieces of information, and this app will take care of all the procedures. If you are entitled to compensation, Airhelp takes 25% of the payout, and the rest of the money comes back to you.

2. To Find Flights

  • Skyscanner

    Are you looking for cheap flights? Skyscanner will be your go-to solution! On it, you receive the most affordable and accessible options available among millions of flights from 1200 sources. This app also comes with a feature that recommends the best (in terms of money) time to travel. And, if there are any changes in prices, no worries! Skyscanner will notify you!

  • Hopper

    Hopper is also another excellent application that finds the cheapest flights for you. It has similar features with Skycanner but is known mainly for its price predictor option. This allows you to be aware of when and why the prices might rise and by how much.

3. For Accommodations


    When planning a trip, booking a hotel, lodge, guesthouse, or villa is a crucial part of the process. And, no matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, is the app you would want to download! Since the app has something to offer to everyone, you can be sure to find the perfect place to stay! Its search engine will provide you with the best deals, and you’ll get to read over 125 million reviews from other users. Another perk is that you can get their support at any time and wherever you are since customer service is available 24/7.

  • Airbnb

    Another great app is Airbnb, where you can rent any accommodation type between hostels and hotels, from an individual room to an entire apartment. The app, where you can easily communicate with your host, is very similar to the website and has the same options. However, you should note that this vacation platform is smaller than, hence can you’ll get fewer choices.

4. To Get Around

  • Detour

    Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you’ll get to experience places in a whole different way, thanks to Detour. This fantastic audio walk, narrated by a local, will guide you through 17 most beautiful places around the world. One of its most exciting features is that the narrator is in sync with your current location, so you can physically admire the sights instead of looking at them on your screen. The app is currently available in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

  • TripLingo

    Are you wondering how you will communicate with the locals during your next trip? No need to stress! TripLongo will do the trick. In fact, this app will help you sound like a local when abroad. You can simply select the destination of your choice and download the country features. For example, if you are in Spain, the voice translator option will translate what you say in Spanish.


The travel applications above are some of the best and are worth downloading when planning your next vacation, but there are many more interesting apps that you can find. If you know any other handy one, don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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