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10 Essential Things to Do When in Mauritius

Before Mauritius was a jewel hidden in the Indian Ocean, but now it is a center for tourism, business, and investment. This pearl of the Indian Ocean shines to attract people for everything they want to find. Close to Madagascar, this island is full of pleasures that will make you fall in love once you arrive. This makes Mauritius the perfect destination for environmentalists, as here in Mauritius you will see nature in its rawest form.


1.) Port Louis


Port Louis is perhaps the most industrialized place in the country. It is located on the island of Mauritius, one of the four main islands that make up Mauritius. In Port Louis you can do many things, such as buy local goods and learn about the local culture of Mauritius.


2.) Hindu Temple


The Hindu Temple of Mauritius is esteemed not only for its architectural grandeur, but also for the colors with which it is painted. Bright colors of yellow and red adorn the temple, but do not compromise the sanctity of the place. Also note the place where the Hindu Temple is located, a real place to see.


3.) Waterfalls in Mauritius


You can be sure that the waterfalls of Mauritius are untouched by pollution and human dirt. The good thing about the many waterfalls in the country is that they are well protected. This allows you to swim with some of the most beautiful and harmless creatures in the ocean.


4.) Valleys and lunar mountains


Mauritius will not be Mauritius without the lush valleys and mountains that define the land. Mauritius is actually full of these forms of land that have such an ideal and perfectly curved shape. Make sure you can take a break and relax in one of Mauritius’ incredibly elegant valleys and mountains.


5.) Mars Champion


Champ de Mars was a place relatively unknown to a tourist visiting Mauritius. Now, however, has been transformed into a racecourse. The unique identity of Champ de Mars is truly remarkable, as most tourist destinations in Mauritius are nature themed, and Champ de Mars also brings a new refreshing quality to Mauritius.


6.) Mahebourg


If you want to go fishing in Mauritius, you may as well go to any nearby port. If you want the best fishing experience, the only place for you is Mahebourg. Here there are well made harbors that are great places for fishing, and also in Mahebourg there is the Grand Port where the fishing centers are located.


7.) Naval Museum


Truly original, the Naval Museum will give you a unique experience. The advantage of the Naval Museum over other conventional museums is that it offers you this interactivity. Here you can practically feel like you are part of the museum.


8.) Pamplemousses Garden


This garden is exceptional. Only here you can find some of the rarest and most exotic plant species. Most of them can only be found in Mauritius, and if you have a garden or just want to look around and admire the beauty of Mauritius plant life, go to the Pamplemousses Garden.


9.) Nature Reserves and Parks


A huge portion of the surface of Mauritius is dedicated to the conservation of its wildlife species. It is the place where you can see and interact with rare and beautiful animals. Aviaries are also found in Mauritius, and the abundance of birds in the country can be witnessed by you in these aviaries.


10.) Popular beaches


Of course, a trip to Mauritius cannot be complete without a visit to the local beaches in the area. Here the beaches are clean and sanitary, and here you can actually swim, not like in other beaches whose purpose is not achieved. In Mauritius, swimming and swimming is absolutely safe and fun.




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