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We all dream of going to the UK for its weather, the fish and chips, and most especially for its cities full of medieval architecture, breathtaking cathedrals, lively green spaces, and fascinating history. Needless to say that there are many cities which are often forgotten by travelers and tourists. These cities are hidden away from the crowds and are part of the UK’s list of underrated cities. I have discovered five towns that offer incredible scenery of old meets new, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what I’ve got.



5. Lincoln, England

At the time, this city was quite important. It was home to the world’s highest cathedral for more than 250 years and a castle, two universities, and many other attractions. Visitors will want to visit the incredible cathedrals, as they have amazing stained glass windows, an interior filled with intricate stone and wood carvings, and the ruins of the former bishop’s palace next door. Here you will find medieval buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries and the oldest bridge in England on which houses were built. Don’t miss to visit “Steep Hill,” a street full of small independent stores. Visitors should plan a visit to Lincoln Castle and discover a piece of human history.


4. Cardiff, Wales


One of the most pleasant cities in the UK, with a magnificent castle, innovative architecture, and great people. This Welsh capital started as a Roman fort, and since the 11th century, Cardiff Castle has held its court in the place where the fort was located. It has not been considered a pretty city in the past, but times are changing, and major regeneration projects have been carried out over the last decade. Think of a brand new entertainment center, a renovated waterfront, and a 74,000-seat stadium, to name a few. Cardiff’s free national museum should be on your list of things to do in Cardiff, as well as attending one of the famous rugby matches. Markets, fantastic food and drink, and impressive accommodation await visitors in this city to become more and more beautiful as time goes by.


3. Sheffield, England

Sheffield is not known for its castles, concrete docks, cobbled streets, or typical tourist attractions, but there is much in Sheffield that makes it unique and fun. Plan to arrive here by train, where a beautiful waterfall will greet you just outside the station. Visitors will want to visit the Winter Garden, Europe’s largest urban greenhouse, home to over 2,000 plants worldwide. It also happens that there are more than 250 parks, woods, and gardens throughout the city, which gives this city the highest number of trees concerning the number of inhabitants of any city in Europe. Did we mention that it is also home to the oldest soccer club in the world? Add to that the medieval Anglican Cathedral, two theaters, many restaurants and pubs, and some of the nicest people in the north, and you get a pretty epic city.




2. Belfast, Ireland


It has been avoided, forgotten, and underestimated for most of half a century. But this city is slowly making a new name for itself by reinventing itself with award-winning architecture, a vibrant restaurant scene, and charming inhabitants. This small, walkable city encourages visitors to stroll through its beautiful botanical gardens and the cobblestone cathedral district, which is teamed with restaurants, pubs, and art venues. Visitors should not miss the Metropolitan Arts Centre, a shining star in terms of its dazzling architecture, an asymmetrical brick and volcanic stone tower that houses seven floors of galleries with high ceilings and unique reading corners. Major regeneration projects have improved the former shipyards, Victoria Square, and the waterfront, home to one of the most impressive nightlife in the UK.


1. Stirling, Scotland

Stirling is the capital of Scottish heritage, a place where the wars of independence were fought and won and where for three centuries, monarchs reigned in royal splendor. This cobbled old town is much quieter than Edinburgh and offers a lot of history, architecture, culture, and attractions. Visitors will find themselves on their way to the towering castle, which provides an incredible view for miles around. Take a ghost walk, visit the museum and gallery, go for a whiskey tasting, or hang out with the monkeys at the safari park. Whatever you do, be sure to explore the old town and the picturesque road that surrounds it.




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