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10 Vegan Restaurants That You Must Visit in Amsterdam

Remember the last blog I wrote on Amsterdam for my friend, well if you don’t then here is the link to read it again!

Well, that friend of mine is traveling again to Amsterdam and his request now is vegan restaurants because you must have figured it, he is vegetarian! Though, the places to visit are still on the list he has visited most of the restaurants that I have mentioned in the previous blog. So here is a new list of ten restaurants that are must visit when in Amsterdam. Some of you might ask why vegetarian? Well, this is because non-vegetarian option is easy to find anywhere around the city and there is no end to the non-vegetarian restaurants that are in Amsterdam and also because of my friend, so that’s why vegetarian food is in vogue! There are a lot of meat-free meal whether it is for breakfast or brunch or dinner or late-night snacking, I’m sure you will love this list even if you are a non-vegetarian.

Here it is…

1. Men Impossible – The name is quite catchy, I personally love it! This restaurant serves plant-based ramen and is open for lunch and dinner upon reservation only. There is a fixed price lunch that consist of a noodle bowl and a fixed price multi-course dinner and drink. Do have a go at the vegan wine! Men Impossible opened its doors in 2017 and since then, it is one of the top rated vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

2. Mr & Mrs Watson – When Donald Watson introduced the word ‘veganism’ in 1944, little did he know that this word would mean so much to some people that they would want a restaurant of their ‘own’. Mr & Mrs Watson offers colorful plates that are surely going to spark your curiosity when served. The home-made cheese and the creamy egg salad are 100% veggie dishes. These are comfort food with a culinary twist. Be sure to take your time to enjoy the ambiance in this beautiful and modern restaurant that is perfect for any special occasion. Do reserve your table if you are planning for dinner.

3. SLA – Organic Salad Bar – One of the most visited salad bars in Amsterdam, this restaurant has a cool and contemporary space that serves delicious organic salads and smoothies to satisfy your palate when hunger hits! With a wide range of vegan options available, you will be able to find the perfect salad bowl for you. They are quite hearty so be careful. With restaurants in 5 locations, SLA is the place to go when famished. They also serve hot vegan soups for the colder months.

4. Beter en Leuk (Better and Nice) – Do visit this cafe for a quick vegan fix! This restaurant has delicious vegan options on the menu that include hot tasty soups, pancake stacks, sandwiches, a seaweed burger and some daily specials like vegan moussaka. This cozy spot is homely and affordable. Do have a try at their sweet potato chocolate brownies! There are diary alternatives available for your coffee such as oat and almond milk.

5. Juice Brothers – At this restaurant, you will find everything vegan and organic. With fruits and veggies shredded up to make the most amazing and healthiest juices, Juice Brothers is the perfect place if you are cutting on the carbs intake. Try the breakfast bowls that include acai bowls, smoothie bowls, and other tasty and healthy treats. Head there in the morning, so that you can have an actual taste of the deliciousness of the breakfast options they have. Found in at least five location around Amsterdam, this juice bar was a start-up of four friends who had a passion for quality cold pressed juice.

6. Pizza Heart Bar – This place cannot disappoint anyone, serving pizzas for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters, it should be included in everyone’s travel list. Their gourmet pizzas include 5 vegan pizzas that you can choose from at an affordable price. Enjoy a delicious pizza on the huge terrace with the beaming sun. Pizza Heart Bar is a local favorite.

7. Dutch Weed Burger Joint – Specializing in burgers and dishes made with seaweed, The Dutch Weed Burger Joint is the best place for vegans to enjoy a delicious burger. With everything being seaweed based, this restaurant is the place to try the burger or seawharma. The Dutch Weed Burger Joint was established in 2017, with the mission of creating larger food options for everyone who is vegan and vegetarian.

8. Sir Hummus – Even this restaurant serves meat, they are dedicated to satisfy the hungriest vegan around with their delectable and authentic Lebanese hummus. This dish comes with a range of toppings and sides. Sir Hummus is the ideal place to grab something quick, tasty, and filling. Rest assured, the vegan options are clearly marked on the simple menu.

9. TerraZen Center – Serving a unique mix of Japanese and Carribean cuisine, this cute place offers some interesting and filling dishes. There is only one table which is shared by diners, creating a convivial atmosphere with the resident cat wandering in and out as she pleases. The fries that came with the burger, sprinkled with seaweed powder were perfectly salty and savory. Friend, the portions are quite generous, so go half-belly full!

10. De Peper – This restaurant is creative and ideal for social gathering. There are no exact prices but a donation of 7 and 10 euros should be made. De Peper is entirely managed by volunteers alternatively. Go there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

That’s it, enjoy your stay my friend!



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