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So my friend is leaving for Amsterdam next month and it’s his first trip, this article is on his demand.



Amsterdam, who doesn’t dream of traveling to this amazing country; (yes my friend, you’re lucky). Known for its beautiful windmills, clogs, and for being one of the best cities in the world, this place always has something to offer to everyone including vegetarians! A never-ending platter of things to do and places to visit, the best part of this city is that you can visit in any weather. Be ready to experience an amazing time in well-trodden tourist paths!

So my dear friend here’s what you need to know when there!

• Hire a bike
With over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, people love cycling! It’s easier and it’s the best way to explore the city. Cycling in Amsterdam is safe, enjoyable and invigorating. You can always hire bikes to join the locals!


• Be amazed by the arty Jordaan
Known as the working class area, Jordaan’s narrow street and quaint buildings are one of Amsterdam’s most desirable quarters, visit the independent art galleries, antique shops, courtyards, gardens, and atmospheric bars and restaurants. Friend, lose yourself in this amazing city!


• Take a canal cruise
UNESCO’s protected canal belt is just mesmerizing to look at! The quintessential picture-postcard vision of Amsterdam and the beautiful view both during the day and night, a canal cruise is one of the top things to do while in Amsterdam!


• Catch up with some culture in Museumplein
Home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Museumplein is the cultural hub of Amsterdam. Recently renovated to a world-class, this place is a utopia for every art lover!


• Visit Anne Frank House
The must visit place! This place is a thought-provoking museum in front and at the back has been preserved to give an idea of what life was like for Anne and the families she hid with. Book your spot in advance if you’re willing to visit!


• Go to beer tasting under a windmill
With eight windmills remaining in Amsterdam, Brouwerij’t Ij is an artisan microbrewery with a large outdoor drinking terrace and 30-minute guided tasting tours. Do go there!



Enough of places where you can visit! Now the appetizing thing comes, restaurants where you can hog onto some delicious vegetarian foods! Read below:

De Culinaire Werkplaats
This restaurant offers a unique dining experience that uses only vegetables, fruits, and grains to create edible work of art!

This restaurant offers a four-course meal. All ingredients used are organic! You can order a la carte if you want to. Do book your table before! They have a small shop where they sell handpicked ingredients and chocolates.

Golden Temple Vegetarisch
Founded by a group of Sikhs, Golden Temple offers a varied vegetarian menu with a mix of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. All items on the menu are vegetarian! Sip a chai or a cocktail, your choice!

Sharavana Bhavan
This restaurant is a global chain of Indian restaurants. The best Indian food according to some, Sharavana Bhavan is a haven for Indians when traveling to Amsterdam.

Koffie ende Koeck
For the best looking vegan cakes, visit this place! The cakes are worth drooling for (I did)!

A newly opened vegan and vegetarian deli and convenience store, this place specializes in authentic vegan ingredients. The food is pretty great, from freshly made juices to open sandwiches, this restaurant is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day!

Meatless District
The name is enough to make you want to eat a bite there! With a simple menu consisting of tasty food and generous portions, drop by this restaurant for the delicious burgers, the perfect fries, and the vegan mayonnaise! The service is fast and friendly.

Restaurant De Bolhoed
This funky cafe in the center of Amsterdam has a variety of vegetarian and vegan menu at your disposal. From salads and soups to veggie quiche and desserts, this place is the haven for the deliciousness of vegetarian food! De Bolhoed offers wine and beer, coffee drinks and desserts. Please take cash with you as the restaurant does not accept cards.

Vleesch Noch Visch
Vegetarian street food sounds awesome if you’re in a country where you didn’t expect an abundance of vegetarian food. Try the tasty pita wraps, salads, and soups! They have a huge Greek and Indian influence on their food.

Vegan Junk Food Bar
Some people might think a vegan food is always healthy, rich in green vegetables and teeming with vitamins. Stop by this cozy snack-bar to devour appetizing nuggets and kapsalon loaded fries. You can also try Professor Grunschnabel vegan ice cream. I’m sure this ice cream will titillate your taste buds!

There are several other restaurants that offer vegetarian but it’s better to be cautious!

So don’t forget to tell me, which one you tried?



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