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Why You Should Travel To South Korea Once In Your Life?

If you are planning a trip to South Korea and you need to motivate yourself to book the tickets, then here are some reasons why you should travel to there once in your lifetime.

From a vibrant history to amazing food, here are 10 reasons why you should visit this country!

1. Rich history
With a long history dating back over a thousand years, South Korea is full of cultural heritage sites. The city of Gyeongju is a place of historic value and is often called a ‘museum without walls’. Gyeongju is home to countless royal tombs, palaces, and temples that are listed as World Heritage Sites.


2. Mesmerizing culture
Due to their long history, South Koreans have a variety of traditions and cultures. These traditions are still intact today and they ensure that it will be in the future, through dance and music performances.

3. The food
Korean food is fascinating! Taste the Korean-style meat bulgogi and other kinds of Korean-style meat. You can always try street food, like tteokbukki (spicy rice cakes). Also, do try their fried chicken, I’ve heard it’s amazing!


4. The beauty shops
Korean people are beautiful and no wonder their beauty selection is more than what Sephora has to offer. The quality is pretty good and the competition is fierce. If you’re a beauty freak, then this is the place to go! Their sales techniques are just awesome!

5. Futuristic modernity
Along with historical palaces and sites, modernity sets in. In Seoul, be prepared to be amazed by the Dongdaeum Design Plaza by Zaha Hadid. Seoul is the perfect city to witness the changing beauty of South Korea.



6. Quiet and wonderful countryside
Not yet a worldwide popular tourist destination, South Korea still holds untouched rural areas giving insights into traditional Korean lifestyle. More than 70% of the population lives in rural villages. The country is well-connected through railway and express bus systems.

7. Temple stay
If you are traveling for inner peace, then South Korea is the perfect country. You can join a one-day or two-day temple stay program, which allows you to live like a Buddhist monk. You’re sure to change after this stay.

8. K-pop culture
With the UN nominating BTS (Bangtan Boys) as the leaders of tomorrow, K-pop has gained more popularity than before. South Korea is the ultimate fan goal for most fans from around the world. If you’re not into Korean music, after your visit I guarantee you will be!


9. Stunning coastlines and beaches
South Korea is a peninsula, the county offers miles and miles of beautiful coast and beaches. Jeju Island is one of the most visited destinations because of its natural wonders.

10. Cheery blossom festival
Visit Gyonghwa station to view the amazing cherry blossom road. This festival runs from March to May.

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