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Need A Job While Traveling? Here’s What Might Interest You.

Traveling is the best way to explore things every now and then. But have you ever thought of working while traveling? Well, I have because who doesn’t need some extra bucks, even on vacation!

Here are some jobs that might be of your interest to all you hardworking nomads.

• Blogger

Well yes, I have started with my thing! Blogging while traveling is both rewarding and flexible! The best part about blogging is that you can fulfill your passion and, your income potential is unlimited. You can either choose to be a travel or food blogger or both! With blogging, you are free and can work anytime regardless of the time or day. If you want something perfect, then you can always check step-by-step tutorials.

• Tutoring

Talking about tutorials, online tutoring is an excellent online work option that you can do if you love traveling. You can either use Skype or other software to connect with people who need tutors. You just need a good laptop, headphones, and a good internet connection. Try Verbling or Busuu for language tutoring!

• Become a Foreign Language Teacher

If you are a native speaker then you have an obvious advantage to teach non-native speakers. You can always teach any language in so many countries and be rewarded. Some backpackers survive on teaching as a job and it’s not only English. You can teach any language that you are comfortable with.

• Traveling Fitness Instructor

Are you a fitness traveling geek? Then you can start a travel fitness vlog! You can teach anything you are comfortable with. If possible, you can also join a gym as a personal trainer. There are many fancy resort properties that hire in-house yoga instructors to conduct classes for their guests.

• Au Pair

Au pair is a person who lives with a family abroad and learns a language in exchange for taking care of their kids. This job doesn’t require a whole lot of experience except for managing a home in a totally different country. It’s better to go through the agency International Au Pair Association if you want to be taken seriously.

• Freelancing

Are you interested in either photography or writing? Then you can choose to become a freelance photographer or writer. Put your writing or photos skills on sale to the highest bidder at!

• Diving Instructor

You love the sea and you love spending your time in the depth of the deep blue sea, then you take up a traveling job as a diving instructor. The diving lesson takes just a few days to learn and you can train others as well.

• House-sitting

The hype right now is house-sitting! Why? Because you get free accommodation and the privacy of your own house. It is the best way to travel and gain a few extra bucks. You need to have experience and a good recommendation from the house owners who you have house-sat for.

• Pet-sitting

Same as house-sitting and babysitting, pet-sitting is now a trend for owners who can’t take their pets on a trip. You stay at the owner’s house to take care of the pet. There is no occupational license required for pet-sitters just that you love pets!

• Seasonal Jobs

Restaurants, construction companies, hotels, cruise ships, and many other companies offer the opportunity for travelers to take up a ‘holiday-job’. Depending on your qualifications and your skills, you can either be a waiter in a restaurant in Italy or a lifeguard on a cruise ship in the Pacific!

• Tour Guide

If you are someone who has more knowledge about a place than any other, then you can take up a job as a tour guide in museums or national parks. If you live within the EU, you can also find tour guide work in Europe without any certification.

• Masseuse

If you are a trained massage therapist, you can always showcase your skills at registered massage salons in the country you are visiting. However, be careful when looking for massage jobs!

• Make and Sell Jewelry

Be a travel entrepreneur! Sell handmade jewelry online and make money. You can do this while you are in France, hogging on a croissant or while visiting the provinces on China. Your products just need to be in good conditions.

• Busking

Tap into your inner performer! Street artists can bring in some good money. Let your talent bring you some bucks while you enjoy your holiday!

• Try Bollywood

If you’re traveling to India, then making your way through Bollywood is not that hard, especially as extras! Foreigners are in high demand for filling foreign roles in some movies. So next time you’re traveling to India, do try Bollywood!

Airbnb Host

You can try AirBNB by putting your house up for backpackers to stay in! You can do this while you are on vacation.

• Internet Poker

Yes, it might sound stupid but playing online poker can help you earn some money! Well, you have to be really good at playing poker and with numbers.

So here it is amigos!



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