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Traveling leads to beautiful destinations along with a pinch of adventure and a little imagination. Though everyone loves traveling, there are some cities around the world that are over-traveled or overrated.

Here are some of the most underrated cities around the world that are worth visiting!

1. Split, Croatia

The second largest city in Croatia, Split is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. The coastal mountains as a backdrop and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic along with the right company, what else do you need.

2. Granada, Spain

Visit the beautiful Moorish heritage in Granada. The city is known for the medieval architecture and the orchards of the Generalife gardens. Why stay? The reflecting pools from the Nasrid dynasty and the serene patios are reasons enough for a visit!

3. Adelaide, Australia

From the wildlife to the good life, Adelaide is the perfect place for you to find the most beautiful coast, white beaches, and beautiful green parks.

4. Birmingham, England

Why visit the West Midlands? As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Birmingham has world-class venues and historical areas that demand to be explored!

5. Cologne, Germany

Offering attractions and led by the famous cathedral, this city is strongly advised to be visited for all art and chocolate lovers! The locals are the reason why you must visit Cologne once in your lifetime.

6. Lima, Peru

As one of the oldest civilizations of America, Lima is a bag full of history and mesmerizing archaeology. Also embarking on a culinary exploration of the South American food!

7. Osaka, Japan

Visiting Japan is on everyone’s list and you end up staying in Tokyo for apparent reasons. But there is one city where traveling to is just a bliss, Osaka. Being the third most populated city in Japan, it has the warmth of a small town and big flashy attractions of the city mixed.

8. Oslo, Norway

This modern and diverse city is a must visit for the buzzing energy, cutting-edge food, and captivating landmarks. Oslo is also the ideal place to be close to nature.

9. Sao Paulo Brazil

This city is the capital for conventions and events. Known as the capital of good restaurants, Sao Paulo is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by renowned Brazilian chefs.

10. Xi’an, China

Located in the central northwest of China, Xi’an is a living history book. One of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization, Xi’an is an important economic and cultural pillar in Chinese tourism. Why visit this city? For its historical and modern mix-up!


I’m going to Split, Croatia! Where are you going?



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