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Tips On Traveling On A Budget In Vietnam

Traveling abroad is a luxury that not everyone can afford. That’s why there are many travelers that have resort to budget traveling. I’m one of those travelers. Attracted by the never-ending beauty of Vietnam, it was the next country to cross off my list.



How can you not be amazed by this country? The lush green forests and wild jungles, the endless rice terraces, the huge rivers, Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating place. It is one country where you can always travel on a budget.

Here are some tips for those traveling on a budget and enjoy your trip!

• Transportation
By motorbike: It is available everywhere in Vietnam. You can get yourself a motorbike almost anywhere in the country. Better get one from the tourist who just finished their motorbike adventure in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Min city. You can always look up on the internet for better prices.
By bus: Be ready to be amazed by the wonderful beauty of nature. Moving around the bus is an experience that is comfortable and cheap. There are many companies offering air-conditioned routes and the prices are very reasonable.

Hostels: You can always look up for hostels to put up during your stay! It is amazing to spend your trip with unknown people who at the end will become your friends forever.
Hotels: As a developing country, hotels are cheaper than you’d pay for a hostel in wealthier countries. Find the cheapest hotels outside the main tourist areas.
Camping hammocks: Famous travel bloggers spend their trip in camping hammocks. Traveling by motorbike, carrying camping hammocks is the easiest to fit in your backpack.

• Food
You can save money by eating local food or street food. Be tempted by the variety of Indian, Italian, French, Thai, and American cuisines among others. I guarantee you won’t feel bad for spending your money on food! Try amazing Vietnamese dishes that are all as cheap as a bottle of beer. Better avoid places that cater to foreigners as their prices are usually inflated.


• Shopping
Buy from places with their prices listed, then only you can avoid the Foreigner Tax. There is one exception at the fruit market. Be ready to bargain for anything you like! You better know that in tourist areas, bargaining is hard.

• Entertainment
Museums: Entrance to historical sites and museums are very reasonable, they are affordable for locals as well.
Excursions: If you don’t like museums, then goon explore the beautiful cities in Vietnam.
Nightlife: If you are visiting Vietnam alone, better avoid bars and clubs. They are over-priced and ‘unsafe’.

• Communications
Phones: Carry your cell phone with you but beware of thieves. Use some cheap models rather than the expensive ones. You can always ask for some assistance from Google or the hotel staff.
Wi-fi: It’s available everywhere in Vietnam, even in the rural areas. You won’t have a problem staying connected in Vietnam.



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