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Top 10 Of The Best World Heritage Sites

A World Heritage Site is a place chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) for its cultural and physical importance. In the world, there are numerous world heritage sites and it is always for the public to visit. Whether you are in the USA or Egypt, these world heritage sites are always impressive.


Here are our top ten best world heritage sites that every traveler should visit!

1. Acropolis, Greece

Reigning over Athens, the ancient Greek city of Acropolis has a bloody and mysterious history. Learn about the origins of Greek Mythology by visiting the Parthenon. Explore all the ancient landmarks!

2. Valletta, Malta


From the Romans to the Greeks, every Empire in Europe has ruled Valletta. As one of the only uninhabited urban sites in the capital, there are over 300 monuments that will blow your mind!

3. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


One of the first sites to be listed on the World Heritage Sites in the world, this set of islands is home to a number of endemic species and some of the most untouched landscape in the world.

4. Goreme National Park and Cappadocia, Turkey


Surrounded by the rugged natural landscape, the Byzantine art is present even from the post-Iconoclastic period. Visit the underground villages and towns that date back to the 4th century!

5. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Made up of over 3,000 reefs set over 600 different islands, the Great Barrier Reef became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Even though it has lost more than half of its coral since 1985 due to climate change and other factors, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most visited places!

6. Machu Pichu, Peru


As one of the most famous travelers’ spots, this 15th-century Incan city is built high on the Andes mountain range. Be ready to be amazed by the views!

7. Petra, Jordan


The “lost city” is all travelers’ favorite. Petra is half-built and half carved into the rock where it stands. The fascinating and historical visuals are just breathtaking!

8. The Forbidden City, China


Once the Imperial Palace during the Ming and Qing dynasty, these walls have witnessed more history than anyone else. It is now a museum.

9. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


One of the oldest seven wonders of the world, a visit to the pyramids should be a must! The load of history and experiences are simply amazing.

10. Stonehenge, England


This incredible prehistoric monument is one the most visited attractions and most unique sites. The Bronze Age ring of standing stones holds an almost astronomical significance, a mystical fascination around the summer and the winter solstices.



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