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Types of Travel Insurance and Why You Need Them!

Travel insurance provides financial protection for unexpected events that impact a traveler’s trip. There are many benefits related to a travel insurance policy but before that, you need to know the different types of travel insurance and why you need them while traveling!


Well, travel insurance policies can seem endless! To help you get the right coverage that suits your travel plans, here’s an overview of the existing options:

  •  Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance
    This insurance is useful when something happens that prevents you from going on a previously planned trip, like an unforeseen problem. Trip interruption is when you have to shorten your trip short because of some personal problems or family emergency or even unexpected strike. You will be reimbursed for the half of the trip you did not complete. To be noted that terrorism threats fall under this umbrella!
  •  Medical Insurance
    Before embarking on a journey, do check with your regular health insurance company to see what kind of coverage you have when traveling. If you don’t have the necessary health insurance for traveling, then you will need to buy a travel medical insurance plan to be secure. Rest assured, your health is worth the investment in a travel insurance!
  •  Medical Evacuation Insurance
    This insurance is useful if you are traveling to a remote place and are in urgent need of medical treatment. The emergency transportation to a medical facility that can provide you with the services you need for your particular illness or injury. Be sure to purchase a plan that will guarantee you receive the care you need!
  •  Lost Checked Luggage
    Many times, it happens that when you are traveling your luggage tend to get lost by airport authorities. Then this insurance will be helpful! It also covers thefts if you are carrying valuable items or musical instruments. It’s usually offered for your whole trip!
  •  Flight Cancellation
    Sometimes airlines can go on sudden strike or go out of business! At that point, this insurance will be helpful as it involves the expenses you have to incur when a flight is canceled. Be sure to read everything as policies are often based on a per-ticket basis.
  •  Accidents and Evacuation
    Natural calamities and terrorist attacks do not inform before occurring. This insurance helps in such scenarios. You can receive quick medical attention in case of a national or life-threatening emergency or evacuation back to your homeland.


In conclusion, you need to know the importance of reading your policy before taking up any type of insurance. Understand the terms and conditions related to each insurance and then protect yourself!



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