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How To Deal With Homesickness When You Are Abroad?

Homesickness is a strong longing for home or a person associated with home, such as a parent or sibling. The sudden change in environment causes people to feel homesick and it might affect a person over time.


Moving out isn’t always all happy and exciting, sometimes one can feel like they are leaving a part of their lives to a place. I remember when I moved abroad I was alone and had no one to help me out to figure things out.

To help you, I’ve put together my personal experience and that of my friends on how we manage to combat homesickness:

• Cry yourself out loud
Yes, I did that! Whenever I felt lonely, I used to go to a secluded place where I could cry my heart out and no one had to know about it!

• Be involved
Get yourself busy in exploring the new city and the people. Connect with people personally. I’ve been doing that, and it helped me making friends and creating life-long bonds.

• Make a bucket list
Visit places listed out. Be a tourist first then become an expat! Exploring a city helps you discover new things about yourself and it’s amazing!

• Try local food
Even though back home, people will tell you not to, but still I would suggest to taste the local food. You feel more connected to the places and the people. It’s a personal experience that knowing more about the local cuisine brings you closer to the people around you.

• Decorate your new home
Yes, indulge in decorating your new home! Embellish it according to your choice and make a collage of your favorite people, you will not feel alone!


• Meet up with other exchange students or other fellow colleagues
When I went abroad, I was the only foreigner there and it was kind of difficult to mix with the rest of the crowd. So a meet up with other foreign students helped me in making a step ahead in building connections. At the end of the day, I had more foreigners friends than the locals.

• Immerse yourself with the home culture
Don’t shy away from discovering the new culture! It is something that will be helpful in the future.

• Cook dishes from your home country
Make others discover what your country has to offer in terms of culinary experience and also by music.

• Learn something new
It’s always good to involve yourself in a new hobby. Go on learning the local dialect of the place you are in and learn new things from people around you.


When you’re feeling homesick, it’s easy to remember a few amazing days you had back home. Always remember happiness is found in the little moments, no matter how you spend it!



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